03/02/18 - We want to thank the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship for hosting Janet and Zshonette this past week in Boulder, Colorado, to participate in their Quarterly Conclave and Remembrance Supper.  We felt blessed to experience the love in the community and to observe the sincere desire to share the Master’s Ministry.  And we hope we have inspired them and many others to participate in the upcoming annual Remembrance Supper to be held on April 6, 2018, not only as a show of respect and appreciation for our Sovereign, but as a display of unity and brotherhood among the Urantia Book readership.  Our special thanks to Steve and Christilyn Larson who cared for our needs during the week and made the entire trip memorable.  
01/17/18 – We have some sad news to share.  Jeffrey Allan, one of the primary partners of this ministry, passed last night in his sleep. He had fought through 4th stage cancer (bordering on 5th stage) and remained in remission for over 3 years. But, a couple weeks ago, we learned that the cancer came back and this time he succumbed. Anyone who spent any time with him knows what a treasure he was and is. He had faith the size of an oak tree and he used it in every venture and at every opportunity to enlighten and encourage family, friends and strangers. We, as part of the Unit, considered him the truest brother you could ever find, one who loved us, individually and as a group, with a true, caring, fatherly affection. We doubt he will tarry much on the Mansion Worlds. While we miss him terribly, we know there is much work yet to be done to carry out the Master’s Ministry – something Jeffrey devoted his life to. And we want to continue spreading the insights he shared with us daily.  In time, we will share more about this beautiful soul and the tremendous work he did for the kingdom. In the meantime, we want to thank all the doctors who treated him, all the hospital staff that cared for him, all those in the recovery missions around the world who encouraged him, all of the faith sons engaged in the Master’s Ministry who gave him so much joy, and all of the visitors to the site who took the time to read the information inspired by this altogether lovely personality.
06/03/17 - Yesterday, we posted a new article “Planet-wide Unity Initiative” that proposes a worldwide reading schedule for Part IV of The Urantia Book, starting July 2, 2017, designed to foster an international spiritual brotherhood of Urantia Book readers. To make the reading more enjoyable, we will be posting videos of Papers 120-196 each week. Already we have the support of many UB readers and we hope you join in this unity effort. We are determined to find ways to unite us all – “ten men pulling together at the same time.”  A type of “unity without uniformity.” Please read the article and take a look at the schedule, and let us know what you think.

03/30/17 – Each year, we reach out to all faith sons of God who make it a point to commemorate the Remembrance Supper Jesus instituted on the night before his execution. In the past, we asked that you write us and share your experience.  This year we are asking that the faith sons that are able to send audio snippets of their evening!

     Perhaps someone in the group can record a brief greeting on their cell phone to all the faith sons around the world who also participated in this year’s Remembrance Supper, letting us know where you are, how many attended and how the evening went.  We will post your audio snippets on this page for the encouragement of all.  Some have suggested that we send in photos of the groups.  That is welcomed as well!

     We look forward to a very spirit-filled Remembrance Supper on April 6, 2017, with full participation by all who love our Sovereign and long for the establishment of a worldwide spiritual brotherhood.  This is a great first step, so please don’t forget to share your evening with us, in writing, in audio or in picture.


01/20/17 - For all our readers who are on our Subscription list, please make sure our email address: info@TheChristExperiment.Org is added to your Address Book to prevent the emails from being sorted into your Spam folder.


Your Family in Faith,


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