December 20, 2016


     From the time we began encouraging our readers to critique The Urantia Book (UB), we published articles about the need for unity in the UB community.  We believe it is extremely important that new readers of UB, many who come from abusive and authoritative religion, see what real spiritual unity looks and acts like. Unfortunately in the UB community, there is much work to do in that regard.


     Recently, we were forwarded a document from another reader that outlines a plan that we believe can resolve the disunity among the three major UB organizations – The Urantia Foundation, The Urantia Book Fellowship and the Urantia Association International – and can thereafter lay the groundwork for unity in the entire community. We understand that this document has been forwarded to the three UB organizations, as well as many other UB ministries and readers.


      We are not the source or authors of the document and, according to the document, the names of the authors have been intentionally omitted.  They apparently want the focus to be on the message, not the messengers.  Based on our experience in the UB community, we know that vetting authors is a high priority that often takes precedence over the message.  We find this quite hypocritical since vetting the authors of the UB is the biggest obstacle UB organizations must overcome in sharing the UB with others.  Longtime readers must surely know that once the message itself is vetted, the authenticity of the authors naturally follows.


      Based on limited reports we have received thus far, this obstacle of vetting the authors before considering the content may be causing some in leadership positions in the UB community to suppress or ignore the document. For this reason, we are openly sharing it, as it was openly shared with us, in the hopes that as more people read the document, perhaps the three  major organizations will be encouraged to take it seriously and act upon it promptly. The document can be found at this link: Solving The Disunity of the Urantia Revelation


     Again, we are not the authors or the source of the document, and so we cannot provide any information as to its origin.  However, we do want to encourage open dialog on the contents of the document and its proposal to achieve unity.  In that regard, we welcome comments and questions about the proposal, and we invite the person who shared the document with us to let us know if he or she wants us to publish any additional information that might be germane to a fair consideration of the contents.


       With deep love and sincere hope,


Your Brothers,




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