To Those Engaged in

The Master's Ministry



APRIL 2013

April 8, 2013 
Blessed is he who comes toward the light and prefers the narrow road that leads to eternal life. Gird your body and chastise your minds until they willingly accept the self-mastery and wisdom from being spirit-led. We need to understand even in this age that the spirit of truth is kind and as loving as the First Source of Creation. The message of life we are conveying to the starving children in faith and with courage we are to live by means of spirit and follow the divine direction and not the rules and commandments of self glorified men who twist the innocence of spiritual words of life into debase babel that causes desolation.

April 17, 2013 

The time for lifting the minds of all Urantia fastly approaches, the lack of vision of the "so-called" Christian community is truly alarming. The realities of God the Sevenfold are very much real and the actual attainment of these deities are potentials in the lives of all willed creatures of time and space. Due to the vast gulf between potential and actual, the First Father has come close to his children of time by the divestment of his very nature in the form of the Mystery Monitors. Urantia places such a blind trust in men that as each generation passes, the less mortals see the Presence of the First Source and Center in the Creator Son. In ministry, the fleshly world must look to the Celestial and the Deity administration as real. In doing so, the true solution to mankind’s problems will in an age vanish. The places, beings, and abodes of the revealed orders can become, and must become, actual living institutions of finite potential. This is the goal: to seek the Father while He may yet be found.


April 29, 2013 

Jesus is and will ever be the goal of man to imitate until we can make the claim that we, in effort and patience, have truly become "Perfect as our heavenly Father is Perfect." So continue striving, seeking, and exploring all the vast possibilities that we can achieve now and in the spirit life to come. Our Master Son is always knocking to come in, but he will not if we choose not to open. Be receptive and listen as he knocks.


April 30, 2013 

The ministry of love and mercy so beautifully displayed by Christ Jesus provided not only the way to a more splendid future, but also the endless beauty the Master furnished in the form of truth, beauty and the goodness of creation in its vast differences, but all working together for the greater good of mortal enjoyment. Make no mistake, our pilot world is filled with values and divine meanings that enable each seeking faith son to look at the creation and become a knowing son of destiny, all for the asking in Jesus' name. Worship and prayer has become on Urantia so self-centered and material-based that its true power has been nearing worthlessness. Thus, the actuating of its beauty and cosmic uplifting value has been lost. Truly turning ones attention to the unseen realities will be a returning to the teaching of Jesus, trusting in the Father of Celestial Lights.


April 30, 2013 

The method of unlocking the secrets of the Universe requires an emptying of one’s animal nature and the putting on of Christ's divinity of mind.  This is simple and complex at the same time. When you understand the gift you have of everlasting life in a friendly universe, and the only thing holding you back is your flesh, it is simple.  The perplexing feature is you acquire this reality by faith and faith is the very possession most people never truly maintain for any length of time for it to become a reality speaking of the unseen worlds. The tendency of man is to preserve alive the flesh and this is the great fallacy of human existence, thus causing the great confusion on Urantia, our pilot world.

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