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May 1, 2013

There are no ways around the truth delivered by Jesus. It’s life or death and all who choose to listen to men rather than the ruler of both heaven and earth shall perish in their arrogance. Token worship is the breeding ground for false hopes and mistaken destinies. Full devotion to the perfect will of God gives birth to a new creation. Implore your brothers to choose life, not by force, but by the words and spirit of the Master for he knows the purpose in the grand workings of his matchless wisdom what is possible by all of his far flung creation. Trust and take courage in your proclamations that the true destiny for Mankind is the heavens and fear not those who reject you, remember whom they rejected first.


May 2, 2013

There are many so called teachers and preachers who are making a name for themselves as would merchants and business men. The diluted ministry of today is a watered down approach to the greatness of the life of the Creator Son. It’s sad that so many souls will be called on the last day to both judgments. Keep your purpose clear to educate Urantians for the early resurrection, to be about the Father’s business, and to become perfect as he is perfect. We stand for and with righteousness. 


May 2, 2013

All men and women who boast that they have love for the Christ should simply show it by a display of living faith. Actions speaks volumes more than accumulating facts that become no more than cosmic trivia. Now is the appointed time or Michael would not have given the Commission to release the 5th Revelation. We remain at the ready to help all who, with pure motives, seek to aid their brothers to comprehend divine truth. We faithfully will assist. But first the individual must be authentic.


May 3, 2013

By reasoning even when they are matters of flesh, use the mind of Christ. The better way to the solutions that hinder peace and displaces the joy of life are better fought using spiritual mindal. Just as in the Kingdom of Heaven, there are standards of conduct that must be maintained, so all the more so on your pilot world that is steeped in confusion and disillusionment because finite beings all suffer gross defects. RULES of Engagement must be set. After they are set, then the violator of said rules should be mature enough and humble enough to make the needed adjustment. Love and fairness reign in the Heavens. Let it be done also on earth is the perfect will of God.


May 4, 2013 

When discussing the truth of Jesus' courageous and perfected life, all who drink from the cup of his life and take on the divine yoke will begin to understand the true value and meaning for life. It is a tune-up for an endless career of service to ones fellows.


May 4, 2013

Multiply the Master's belongings, his cherished goods. The proclamation hence forth is "my will is to do your will" more perfectly. So pledge your eternal service in the Kingdom realm to the one who knows and has actually seen the Paradise Father. The time of doing the will of men and of the Nations has come and gone. The hour has arrived for all peoples, tribes and tongues to look to Christ Jesus for the way and the truth, and learn from his masterful and matchless life. Look at honorable men as your brothers, but look to Christ as your leader for he has achieved what we now seek which is eternal joy and everlasting life to "Be you Perfect as our heavenly Father is Perfect."


May 5, 2013

The nature of man's comments of self-absorbed longings for attention and authority will lead themselves and those who listen into a pit of non-existence. The promoting of ones self is not what leads men to God. Man can tell the truth but not be the truth, unless you have claims of being Michael. 


May 5, 2013

In the way of divine truth, wisdom is so needed along with perception of what contains true spiritual value.  So many value more the Christ's death. Though courageous, it was his beautiful life that he wanted to be remembered for. Release the captives from all practices that reduce the Master’s life to just his dying. For the Master lives and want his children to complete one task and that is to come home to him. He misses his children more than mankind knows.


May 8, 2013 

All of the Father's children have free will and that is also a divine gift to exercise that freedom to do the Father's will or choose a path that originates from the fleshly desires in man’s animal nature. Mankind has to be bold as the Master was bold and had courage to speak divine truth and so must his children and brothers for they are not greater than he.


May 9, 2013

When speaking truth that has come down from above, by the One who lives forever, speak it with boldness not in the form of a question but as a statement of Divine truth and that truth is changeless, that every man is your brother and God is the Father of All. Without hesitation let the Father’s will be done that every man is to seek the Father to find the Father and in achieving this supernal goal you will be perfect as your Father is perfect. Never take a step back on the solid foundation of the Christ gift, presented in the form of this precious sacred secret that the celestial abodes of endless Glory are your inheritance as children of the First Great Source and Center. 


May 13, 2013 

May the peace of our Master Son be upon all true seekers of the light of heaven and may all the wisdom and insight be given to those who choose to find the Paradise Father and ascend upon the road to perfection through service to one’s fellows in humility and unity between yourself and the spirit of truth. Let it now, and in the future, continue to light the way so that the vision one acquires is by faith. Have in abundance the peace of Jesus and the loyalty of the myriads of celestial beings in his service.


May 14, 2013

Understand this, truth in today’s world is not as recognizable as it should be because it is second-hand truth given by another. It takes effort to find what is simple in nature and the Master’s teachings were simple, but the content held within them are eternal possibilities. True lovers of righteous will stand up and step forward. The cowards will shrink back and behind their doctrines of enslavement. Freedom requires a certain amount of bravery because you search, then discern, then stand on what you come to understand. And that is FAITH which so few have.


May 14, 2013

In true worship is a power beyond finite comprehension due to the energy currents you give off. For it is not just a saying. Because of the unapproachable nature of the First Father's light within his children, you in truth are the lights of the world. So shine you young spirits.


May 24, 2013

The confusion on Urantia continues as being that of a non-trusting and suspect people that stresses a me-ism attitude. Urantians are rich in potential but poor in actual attainment. The quest to buy the field of high value is lacking.  Mortal man seeks to satisfy not the spiritual hunger to the pearl of cosmic delight, but only that which was common among the Pharisees of Jesus' day. The faith and trust of a child who truly loves his or her parents, but also loving the celestial family, being unafraid to venture into the unknown but real frontier. 


May 26, 2013

Natural tendencies toward the earth of course are due to the origin of Urantia.  The lifting of the heart toward the heavens indicates an awakening of seeking and wanting to know in depth the First Father and then allowing the inherent draw towards the eternal Father the Master Son Michael. Remind mankind that when looking for their heritage, they should seek the origin of their spirit-birthday and not the animal-birthday. A sincere effort to honor the parents of the spirit assures you of an endless and eternal life. In order to go through your spirit life with purpose, seek the one who knows the original plan of ascension, ask the Spirit of Truth.


May 27, 2013

Dense darkness awaits those not willing to stand on the side of true light. Two thousand years and still you wish to be suckled as a new born. The appointed time is upon this Generation. It is time for each follower, if he thinks he has footing, to stand on his own two feet so that those who are truly weak may find strength in and by your spiritual light. Let the young in knowledge be ever drawn by your goodness so they may be made firm in the faith.  Not to stay attached, but only to gain strength by the quickening of spirit so they too may be about the Father's business. Yes these are the days for the Children of the Most-Highs and Faith Sons of the First Source and Center to Stand.


May 29, 2013

With the passing of each season, the once faithful have become lazy in the effort to truly worship. Many have nothing but material wants and needs. Spiritual freedom and expression will lead to new understandings that will bring great comfort in the things needed for a successful temporal existence. While it may still be called today and favorable seasons for the refreshing of one’s soul and spirit, followers must come together for the cause of inciting one another to spiritual works that build the son of the kingdom to motivate each other in this World of Great Confusion. The celestial family are here to support all who are true believers. They have the same projection of destiny as do Urantians to perfect their service and thus with you find the First Father. 


May 30, 2013 

When it is said "This is what we believe!" Right at that moment, your freewill is forsaken and you become a slave of the group you associate with. This is the problem with organized religion. It robs you of the freedom to grow and expand hence you become stagnant. When learning ceases, and faith is not stimulated by constant exercise, you lose your strength and you also forfeit the power of the spirit of truth and you silence the Father that seeks communion with his own child. A more advanced method on normal worlds is to meet together to have an interchange of contemplative worship to stimulate the spirit to strive for the crown of life to "be you perfect" and reach this jewel at your own pace. Done this way, you are able to stand with conviction because you are living your truth. People spend their entire lives searching for what they already have and that is "Light."


May 31, 2013 

Treat the Spirit of Truth as you would a best friend whom you trust because of having gone through all of what you may encounter along the way in your own life, an experienced knowledgeable friend who just so happens to be a family member, an older brother whose personality is that of a Father figure in your life. You are able to grow in strength, wisdom and compassion when dealing with other family members from listening to how plainly and openly you are taught by the comforting presence. 


May 31, 2013 

The infinite grace and love of the Master Son is bestowed upon an individual based on how honestly he seeks, along with the purpose he seeks it. You see the wisdom from above is so that the will of the Father be done on this realm below. So each passing generation since the arrival of the helper contributes to the truth seeker to guide the faith son into the truth they would be able to comprehend. Mankind is so fossilized that they have all but destroyed the power of God to act in behalf of his children today. Who can know the mind of the First Father? But you do have access to the mind of Jesus and new wine continues to be poured out if you carry with you a new wine skin.


May 31, 2013

Indeed a spirit of fear man has towards the Celestial habitation on this planet. Man has to release the past and come bravely into the present looking for the unexpected as well as the common sense expected. Do they really not know or believe the Infinite Father and his Divine Creator Son loves all his children, that he is not partial? Ask in Jesus name and it will be done if it be in harmony with the Father's will. So we implore all who are willing to knock, keep knocking, and if motivated by love continue seeking and if your heart is rich in humility as a child's trust, it will be opened to you and to every generation to come who thirst for truth.  Courage is so lacking in today’s so-called Christians so much so that even when the gift of revelation is offered it is rejected due to the spirit of fear.

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