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JUNE 2013

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June 3, 2013

In the continuing homage to Christ Jesus, it is important for each individual to look beyond implied or perceived freedom for actual freedom, the true ability to remain at peace while withstanding the pressures of the day, the determination to become an owner of the field of high value. Freedom knows no bounds nor fears, for a free Son can accept both rejection and praise equally. Inner strength and courage are the backbone of the free, and divine love is its very core. Freedom is best shown than spoken and if one is able to accomplish both, it creates a powerful testimonial based on experience. Let all who seek the Father do so as free sons now, and in the ages to come, true free spirits.

June 3, 2013 

To the finite God-seeking mind, having the same line of thought can be beautiful if the line leads to the Paradise God. Co-operation of any group of believers must hinge on the group’s ability to allow freedom of expression and thought. When man attempts to control the spirit that is infinite, he is striving after the wind. It should be the desired goal of one who follows Christ's example to encourage the faith sons to apply themselves in any way they can in personality development and individual spirit growth.

June 5, 2013 

It is a true misfortune that the larger more important point is brushed aside for the trivial pursuit to be found wise. The travesty of early Christians is in the supplanting of Jesus’ teachings with other doctrines that are steeped in the traditions of men. Not to say that some good did not come from these noble and daring men, but just the same, how much more empowered the individual religionist would be right now if they had all, whether with Jews or Gentiles, harmonized their teaching with the Master of the Universe. But beyond doctrines, he did leave something that would eventually rise up in the hearts of men, the Spirit of Truth, to foster a new and enduring people of faith regardless if one once believed in the establishment of community or that of the Church.

June 5, 2013 

Freedom is brought about through sincere effort to understand all that you are as an individual and not in comparison with family, friend, or group associations. So the extent the seeker finds and grasps the true value and comprehends the meaning is only validated by the actions of the individual worshipper. There is a force that is ever being renewed in your minds that is attempting to draw you toward the source of that energy. It is as real as the ground you now find yourselves on. So with knowledge and with power, you can forever set yourselves free from the weight of animal tendencies. From the great to the small, from the rich to the poorest of the poor, the Kingdom of the heavens is yours for the seeking, for the one who seeks will surely find. 

June 6, 2013 

While our Celestial family assists you in paradise ascent, it is by faith most mortals must apply themselves. It is established in this manner because of your future, not present, careers in the above realms. So this is the pilot proving ground that gives the survivor such a fortified foundation, a firm footing,  on which nothing not even doubt can stop such a believer from moving ever forward in the long journey to the Paradise of God.  If by wisdom, a believer comes to recognize this blessing of faith rather than facts, this becomes in reality the field of priceless value purchased with the pearl of spiritual truth. 

June 12, 2013

The state of any self-aware being is only measured by the amount of insight one is willing to acknowledge that they do not know. This is the growth of a God conscious individual that realized potential gives birth to new potential, and thus is the training ground for the infinite adjuster that, once fused with its achieving candidate of Paradise perfection and spirit attainment, reveals evermore exciting features of his infinite-self. Thus the Father has no need for do overs. What you achieve in moral and spiritual values is never taken away or forgotten, for these lessons go well with you and become you. Just as the concepts of God evolve, so too the understanding of self evolves. So with an eye to the future, we should hope that we see both differently. All should unerringly continue to seek growth as a mark of one’s crowning achievement from life to life and from glory to glory for even when the quest for the First Father has been reached, it ushers in a new career as a finaliter.

June 14, 2013

It seems that on all normal planets, this issue of men and women has long since been eradicated and equality and true partnership of evenly paired mortals reigns supreme. This will take place on our highly confused world, but it will take time. The fact remains, God the Father is not and never has been partial. It is only man's selfish need to dominate and to rule someone or something. Another Universal truth is the mandate to "be you perfect" and to "be about the fathers business" which is applicable to all mortals whether man, woman or child. For the one who does do the will of God is the one approved by God. Period. Mankind needs to harmonizes their manner of thinking to honor God the Father and Son.


June 16, 2013

The equality of gender is truly the show of proof of a maturing civilization dedicated to the advancements of a new and enduring way of fruitful living, both now and in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the constant looking back to the retarded systems in which suppression reigned as the way, but it should have and it must, if mankind is to have an age of spirituality of a divine nature filled with Celestial visitation, incite in mortals at that time to become a planet of exalted thinkers of both men and women.

June 19, 2013

When mankind puts before them the quest for cosmic knowledge to life’s problems or the complexities of spiritual insight, all should remember it is delivered through the life experiences of the individual. The way it is written or spoken comes directly from a point of view thus making it fallible. This is why the Son of Man did not make rules for religious thinking or spiritual living. In observing the life of Jesus being the actual way, all one needs to do is to translate what you understand the Master's words to mean to you personally, then put into a living practice and then use Jesus teachings as a standard of excellence in which you strive to be like. 

June 22, 2013

Urantians lack the true essence of the art of living due to the isolation of ones self because of feelings of displaced goals, misunderstandings, or the wanting to meditate to find self-realization. In short intervals, many of these methods can be useful. But in order to grow in maturity, "man should not remain alone." People need each other to fill the voids of emptiness and loneliness, to give expression and to receive expressions of appreciation and learning from life’s experiences how to be gracious in victory and be ever humble in defeat, ever knowing when you are hurt or mourn, you are not alone in times of despair. Mortals have so much to learn, and the first step in this worthy cause of mutual endearment of respect is to draw ever closer to the closest beating heart near you and begin showing divine love that conquers all. Are you a blessing? 

June 27, 2013

The sad and confused state of our planet to this very day does not allow the spirit of God to bear witness with the individual’s own spirit. Thus the misunderstood bearing witness is delayed in the group we want to steer in the right direction. They can see the word "with" but act in accordance as if it reads "to" your spirit. The true nature of the unified effort of both God and creature must work as one dedicated and consecrated "Will" which cannot be harmonized outside of the Kingdom. So each God-seeker must be willing to submit to the realities of the actual nature of an unseen Kingdom that it truly exists. And ultimately, it will require the thing man lacks the most, FAITH, the ability to be led by spirit and not by men. This can be achieved if they become as Jesus explained "those faithful in least in small matters will be faithful in tasks of a greater magnitude."  These thoughts will benefit the many to overcome weaknesses that hinder progress.

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