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Posted December 23, 2016:

     Oh how we love Michael's creation and the long term outcome of the generations that finally get the true understanding of God's will.  Let that truth be known to all willing to listen. But the constant delays due to arrogance and pride has to stop for mankind's own good. Do what is righteous and seek the place in each of your hearts that is pure and allow it to shine. Then in that moment of divine bliss, vow to have another moment and then another until it becomes your permanent way of thinking and living. But first, man must allow himself that first moment. We are searching the planet night and day for such ones desirous of these first moments to live the pure will of God. (12/22/16 - 10:16 pm)


Posted September 6, 2016:

    You husbands and you wives, are you attempting to measure up to a standard to be honored or has the pilot light of a passionate existence together waned because of life's problems and pressures? If a flicker of yesterday remains, I suggest you do whatever it requires to ignite the flame of yesteryear and hold its illumination as high as your loving arm allows. It is probably going to prove to be your greatest and most lasting testimonial of the person you are, and the son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, or wife, you were in your short but important sojourn on your pilot world. (9/6/16 - 9:09 pm)

Posted August 28, 2016:

    Press forward into new fields of souls to make ready the quickening of the spirit to individuals who truly choose to seek the Father of Pure Light. The angelic ministers are indeed narrowing the field, trimming the fat to prepare the minds and hearts of these sincere ones to be ambassadors, and teachers of the restoration of the authentic teachings of the Master. The shift in your outreach programs should focus attention on those who show exceptional insight and are self-motivated with a potential to articulate clearly the message of the Kingdom Jesus promoted. It's time also for the Unit to take the Fifth Revelation audience into a true ministerial mind set for the days of preaching to the choir must come to an end. (8/19/16 - 8:34 pm)

Posted August 2, 2016:

    The way God acts is through those same individuals who claim to be ambassadors, missionaries, preachers and teachers of the truthfulness of the Divine Power of God. Yes, God acts through and by means of his offspring who speak and act in the Name of Jesus and the Universal Father. This is the way the action of God in Man comes to life! Wake up you who believe you are of the Mighty here on Urantia. Awaken all you so called believers in the absolute possibilities of God and stop being cowards, hiding behind symbolisms and nonverbal protests. And stand up in your spiritual warfare of exceedingly great power by speaking in One Harmonious Voice and not as a Christian community, but as a Civil Society of Humans. Refuse, as One, not to accept this backward tyrannical way of moral dominance and task masters over the very existence of even a thought that promotes freedom, and strive to see a better and more perfected way of healthy living. Indeed, Enough is Enough. It is time to Act you Sons of Kingdom Power. (5/5/14 - 6:28 pm)

Posted August 2, 2016:

We were asked to clarify the message below posted on July 26, 2016.  Here is our explanation:

The writer is telling us that all of the rules and restrictions of religion interfere with the ability of the spirit to communicate exactly what is intended to be communicated, whether it is the spirit of truth or the individual spirit son who has been tasked to communicate what has been given to him or her.  Due to these self-imposed limitations, there will be things that the spirit cannot directly communicate and so those truths will have to be watered down, for the sake of the burdened soul, in order for the listener to receive them. To paraphrase the meaning, one might say “Because of the restrictions imposed by religion, some people can’t handle the truth.”

Posted July 26, 2016:


Religion as practiced by so many under the name of Christianity has hindered the movements and the freedom to express one’s self and has silenced the ordained rights of the Children of Light to be the lights they truly are and to maximize the glow each light contains. For each rule and regulation augments the spirit’s ability to be an exact representation of the sender of whatever truth has been given. The longer this method of religious practice is maintained, the farther mankind sinks into the retarded state of a perpetual slumber. (5/5/14 - 3:07 pm)


Posted July 23, 2016:

    As you proceed into the daily grind of existence keep all activities in perspective and all encounters in perfect balance. Separate in your mind and heart what is everlasting and what is temporal. This will not only cause you to distinguish what and who is worth fighting for, but will also aid you in choosing who you wish to be in your circle of friends. Ask yourself honestly the important questions: are they reliable, trustworthy and are they deeply reliant on the spirit in their day to day decisions to the point where it becomes first nature? If the answer is undeniably yes, then look intently into the mirror with that same honesty and after a sincere prayer, hope beyond all hope, and with unshakable faith thank the Heavenly Father, that you are indeed a true friend first and foremost to yourself as it should be. Just another example of the Master's gifted illustration of the "straw and the rafter" in your brother’s or in this case your friend’s eye. (7/22/16 - 8:02 pm)

Posted July 21, 2016:

    The moments of truth face us more times than we realize each day of life due to the ever potential of evil that presents for freewill individuals, the choice of right or wrong, good or bad, truth or error. No one can choose for you in these crucial moments of decision. It is only by your faith possession and the righteousness of your choice that the ever available Divine Spirit of Truth springs into action in behalf of the laboring faith son. But when one has been once enlightened but remains torn due to misguided or misdirected loyalty between what is flesh and what is spirit, what is flawed in its imperfections and what is forever infinitely perfect, should give the one suffering such a crisis to seek within themselves the proper path to traverse and attune one’s ears to the solitary voice of the Master of all his creation. Your brothers and sisters are available to give support in the decisions you make, not to help determine your decisions. 

    As a more spiritualized Midwayer who has served without letup or compromise for two decamillineum, I suggest to you to stand firm upon the solid foundation that will never falter and remember, we in the celestial family who hail from all corners of Urantia serve faithfully Michael’s plan for ascension. We will not go contrary to him or any of those placed in their relative positions of authority by whom we are commissioned. So if it is truly your desire to correctly navigate your way through this pilot world, you must surrender in a consecrated fashion that your will is to do the Father's perfect will. Then shall we without hesitation bestow all that we have been entrusted with and do it with unimaginable joy. So humble yourself, speak truth, repent from the arrogance of your past ways of thinking, and proceed into the rest of your days proudly displaying the beautiful mind of the Christ. (7/20/14 - 9:59 am)

Posted July 19, 2016:

    Continue to strike down the shallow thinking man and ignite the spiritual flame of an everlasting spirit that has eternal potential. The days of weakness and self doubt must be replaced by confidence and surety of survival which will produce a society of self governed cooperative individuals. (4/3/14 - 3:26 pm)

Posted July 14, 2016:

    The earth, as it's called, is mankind’s first frontier, mankind’s first adventure. Use your time wisely and discover the truth, beauty and goodness on this finite level of existence with your mind fixed on the next journey into discovery. All one needs to do is look at the patterns, symbols and structures that declare the existence of the higher types of abodes. We are eagerly awaiting your arrival, you faith sons of God, the Universal Father. (3/27/14 - 4:34 pm)

Posted July 7, 2016:

  There is such a collective on Urantia that wants a dramatic visitation without any preparations for such a guest to appear. This is where ministry is vital. Just as it was for Michael’s bestowal, there was John. And before him, there were the prophets who declared the coming of God's chosen. So as you uplift the thinking and expand the vision of mortals on Urantia for the spiritualized summertime visitation, that time will continue to be deferred if man does not stop looking and start doing. Future generations will have to restart in Bringing Heaven Down. 

    This is where Heaven agrees with your decision to develop not a sect but a ministry, for a ministry implies work on an individual basis, where a sect looks for direction from a governance position. You are setting the tone, a template of sorts to illustrate the need, as you correctly state, to enter through the door. Boldly and without hesitation continue perfecting your commission to the approval of the Universe Deities. (3/18/14 - 1:32 pm)

Posted July 4, 2016:

    Today's moral position as a whole has improved. Man's perception and insight has grown thus mankind has no excuse in laboring in the past meanings and ancient understandings designed for primitive minds and fashioned for an archaic lifestyle. The mores of yesteryear are saturated in traditions and superstitions that should have remained in the past and honored by those of its day. Such days have come and gone. The modern man, the thinking men and women of this age, should be bold and courageous enough to chart his or her own course and guidelines to navigate themselves into a productive age and society of excellence and one of spiritual illumination. But these words will only be heard in an actual sense by true sons who exercise the freedom of Sonship and enjoy the movement capabilities of an understanding and compassionate Universe Father. (5/3/14 - 3:04 pm)

Posted July 2, 2016:

    Part of the extraordinary dare presented in the Fifth Revelation is that the "new teachers" would be bold and minister in the manner that Jesus ministered, where his disciples would not be governed by rules that institutionalize worship and restrict the flow of spirit thus stifling growth. On the contrary, Jesus was always a releaser of the burdensome rules places upon the God Seeking individual whereby they are governed by righteousness and the desire to become excellent manifestations and representatives of the Kingdom of God. This can only be achieved if the willing selfless faith sons whole heartedly put away fear and the tendency to judge one another's expressions of Sonship. There is enough diversity of thought and no vacuum of ideas in the shared inheritance that awaits each striving soul. (4/12/14 - 6:20 pm)

Posted June 30, 2016:

    Continue working each day with a renewed fullness and dedication to purpose and fruitage will arise from your sowing. All mortals who seek peace of mind to be free from guilt or shame should heed the Master’s call to take his yoke and place it upon themselves, and meditate on its ability to comfort and release the temporal misgivings for the eternal realities of being washed forever clean by the loving and patient ministries of their paradise climb to finite perfection where the promise to finish their faith will come to pass. For now, just keep on hoping, knocking and seeking. (2/13/14 - 4:34)

Posted June 25, 2016:

    In a world of such extraordinary conflicting views of what is or is not true, always maintain a balanced attitude toward those drowned in pride and ambition, those who still are reeling from the abuse of falling prey to the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Remember this is in one way or another the slumber in which the true message of the Master's spirit will rise from and consume the planet with a boldness of truth never experienced on Urantia. Part of the raising of the spiritual conversation on your planet is that many, many groups around the globe debate the teachings given by the traveling spirit (the website) in positive and negative ways, all causing a wonderful agitation. This agitation will one day cause a resolve and conviction of spirit that will replace the animal primal attitude held by the intellectual mindal of mankind into the fostering of a new enduring age of spirit born souls, advancing into a society of God-seeking God-knowing individuals. Keep zealously going about with joy and know with certainty you shall succeed abundantly upon the completion of your ministry of assignment. (2/17/14 - 10:34 am)

Posted June 23, 2016:

    The battle for religious superiority and the claim of "here is truth" or "there is truth" continues to baffle modern man just as it did in the days of the Apostles soon after the ascension of the Christ. This is why the seldom used, but forever available, spirit of truth was and is poured out. So that the individual would be empowered to be able to stand in their own faith based on the bearing witness given by the spirit, but remaining united as a brotherhood based on being faith sons joined to one body or citizens of one heavenly family.

    Leave the babel or the confused power struggles that consume the weak minded who worship only with their physical eyes but remain in spiritual darkness to the eternal realities that can only be experienced by revealed faith of a God knowing believer. So it would be more advantageous to focus not on the institution, but rather consider each individual as a brother seeking a common ground so as to develop a closer relationship with him or her. You have, as they have, but One Leader who is divine in nature with no ending. So trust not the ever changing landscape of your temporal conditions and focus on the future adventure of Paradise ascension, ever relying on the comforter to point, direct and guide you and your brothers into all truth.
(2/9/14 - 5:31 pm)

Posted June 16, 2016:

    The life you are now experiencing with all of its complexities will be better understood once you move on into the next phase of existence. Trust that all circumstances that challenge the very fiber of your faith will eventually give you reason to pause and reflect, which will strengthen you as you then contemplate how you should traverse the next series of complexities known as life.

    Take courage from the fact that all Sons of various levels of endowments all go through moments of forward hesitation so that the mind, though great in evaluating problem solving, can acutely determine the best and most effective means of executing the task set before each individual Son or Daughter.

    Sometimes you may have an occasion to wonder how something is to be accomplished when all the visible evidence appears to run opposite or contradictory to what is needed to complete the task required. Children of God, you have only to look to your recent past, maybe as recent as a few days ago when all reason presented would seem to contradict the successful outcome achieved. Now multiply these beautiful results time and time again. You will see that they reach back, for some of you even before you drew your first breath.

    Your Creator Father loves you immensely and, as promised, will journey with you through every trial and tribulation. But just as with his much stronger Sons who dwell with him in the upper realms, he expects each to exert themselves vigorously to accomplish whatever is set before them. In turn, he expects no less from his children who began the glorious ascent to the Grand Father as animal natured creatures, but have accepted the spirit transformation and the gifts duly afforded each child so that he or she may successfully please their Divine Parents.

    Keep remembering in thought and in prayer the Heavens have never disappointed any Child who listens and obeys the will of the Father.
(June 16, 2016 - 12:56 am)


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