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April 2015 - December 2015


Thank you to all who visit this site. We appreciate the comments and emails from those who have chosen to have their voices heard. It is our hope that your comments will stir others to express themselves for the benefit of the entire association of faith sons of God.  



December 15, 2015

[From about 250 brothers in a recover mission] Hello [brothers], just wanted to say hello and let you know we are busting at the seams with brand new Sons of the Kingdom and we also have found the greatest weapon on earth for aiding mankind thanks to your suggestion in reading [The Urantia Book]. This book puts you right beside the 1st century brothers. To our surprise many of the men here love the Christ Experiment site the most because its forward thinking, so we've been reading it [the Urantia Book] every night in small groups of about 12 [each]. So we will keep you posted on the growth of the guys. We love you all very much and do me a favor, tell the brother who does the audio recordings to keep them coming because they are part of our regular meditation sessions. Great medicine for the soul. Take care and of course God be with you all and please pray for us.



November 15, 2015 - Los Angeles, California

Thank you for your very fresh thoughtful post on violence and terrorism.

November 15, 2015 - San Juan Capistrano, California

Yours views on how best to approach the Muslim Community with the goal of peace on earth and goodwill toward all men given the aims of Islam and Shariah Law, will be greatly appreciated.


November 15, 2015 - Lakewood, Colorado

[Regarding Understanding the Increase in Violence] Dear Brothers in Faith,

Thank you for this timely and hopeful message. I can't help but agree with you in your assessment of the situation. Yes, evil is dying - it is a painful, ugly death, taking many innocents along in the mayhem. But die it must. I pray that the world is truly becoming weary of this unending march of death and destruction, and that soon, this weariness will be reflected in better, stronger, fearless moral leadership in our governments. So much darkness is being brought to light, and with the light, its power is dissipated and dissolved. Our unseen benefactors are waiting for us to decide - each of us - is it light we want, or darkness? Is it progress we seek or a retrograde slide into chaos? Are we part of the problem, or part of the solution?

The religion of Jesus is the only cure for the world and its ills - the ONLY cure. It is the job of the enlightened to lift the Master at every opportunity and speak the truth to falsehood. The Spirit of Truth is alive and well and working diligently but it needs the raw material to work with. It is up to us to plant the seeds wherever we can...his message is as clear and as relevant today as it ever was - now more than ever, a new generation of believers must reveal the Master in their very lives. I feel certain that our unseen friends are prepared to fully leverage anything we can do to promote Jesus, whether large or small.

And PRAY...PRAY most sincerely and with trust in God that he will take this old world and shake it free of the chains that bind us. PRAY that he give each of us strength - the strength of our convictions and strength to hold fast to the true, the good and the beautiful in a world gone mad...

Thanks again...may God bless us, every one! And in spite of all evidence to the contrary, we must be of good cheer, knowing and trusting that the best is yet to be!

Love and Prayers for the world...



October 8, 2015

Nice work. The Urantia Book came into my sphere of awareness several years ago when my search was reaching an impasse. After accepting Jah the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, I kept coming back to another figure in the Bible- Melchizedek. I knew that the Melchizedek Priesthood was far superior to any earthly priesthood, and was thirsting for more knowledge and wisdom. Interestingly, around this time I was reasoning with [Jehovah’s Witnesses] and found much value in our discussions, but never felt completely quenched. Through a very synchronistic series of events, The Urantia Book was introduced to me. Hebrews 6 starts by asking the reader to move beyond the basic teachings and move to maturity, and transitions to Hebrews 7 by acknowledging the connection between Jesus and Melchizedek. If you are seeking this more advanced wisdom, particularly as it relates to the higher priesthood of Melchizedek, the UB is quite a Find! It really is an enormous helping of solid food, so be prepared. Also, you may find yourself wanting to share this with everyone you know, but keep in mind that not everyone is ready for this type of banquet! For those who are knocking, I encourage you to open this book and give it an honest read. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness make an excellent accompaniment to Faith, Hope and LOVE. Blessings to All.



September 19, 2015

[From a former Circuit Overseer with Jehovah’s Witnesses] Hello dear faith sons of God in Christ, today was an extraordinary day for many reasons but mainly because of the group of friends that visited my wife and I. Dear friends we unloaded both barrels of good news, not holding back anything. I mean I'm talking [The Urantia Book] and the ridiculous interpretation of scripture by the [Governing Body] and more. So how was the response you might ask? In a word TREMENDOUS, especially the section that describes Paradise Isle, yes, the real Paradise of God. And I said “it may be too much for many of you to comprehend but think about it tonight as you go to sleep.” But to our surprise, many said “I'd love to be in that Paradise, meeting God face to face and all the different Angels.” Then the book of Revelation came up where it states " the glory of God lighted it up" and many other references came to these brothers and sisters minds and I've got to be honest, me and my wife were in tears because we know God's spirit revealed these truths to the friends, a lifting of the veil so to speak. So we will see where this goes, but I'd say it was a great day of planting in the awesome field under cultivation. We will keep you friends updated and it probably wouldn't hurt to throw a prayer or two our way because I've got a feeling we're going to need them all. God bless this ministry and the whole association of Faith Sons around the World.

September 19, 2015 - Mt. Shasta, California

I have been printing out many of your articles and been sending them to a Faith Son that is in prison and he has been very much enjoying them along with the [The Urantia Book]. He has been sharing them with a [Jehovah’s Witness] that is in his cell block. Planting seeds.     



August 6, 2015 - Port-au-Prince Haiti

I use to be a Jehovah Witness, now I am a reader of the URANTIA BOOK. I found answers to many questions that used to trouble me. I AM happy to know, brothers, you were in the same situation.



July 13, 2015 - New York, New York USA

[From a former District Overseer of Jehovah’s Witness] [Regarding Fortifying the Foundation, Part III]. Dear Faith Sons and Friends, love it just love the point your emphasizing on the basic need to define what it is you’re about, what your promoting, and sharing briefly your most cherished beliefs. So bravo on making this simple request even more clear in this latest article. We support what it is you and your associates are attempting to convey. A small army of believers here in New York are doing all we can to awaken the walking dead and are having fantastic results. Put it like this, we’re making good use of the ocean because it's become a baptism pool every weekend. Also the depth of goodies in the UB we have been able to slide this leaven into the minds of our brother in the Organization without them realizing it and they just love it. It’s sad to think that if shown the book that all of a sudden it becomes offensive or worst yet, demonic in some way, which seems to be the very thing Jesus warned the Pharisees about in contributing the works of the spirit with that of the Devil. But we remain positive in our efforts to uplift the spiritual conversation (I love that phase by the way). So thanks for your tireless work and may all believers unite under the righteous banner of Christ to change our world. God bless!!



July 5, 2015 - Mount Shasta, California USA

Dear Brothers, I have to say that your article [Fortifying the Foundation, Part II] is very inspiring as to what we have before us and to be a live in this time to be able to have a personal share in making known the Kingdom hope for the world is only a once in a eternity time. It is a time to be able to do that greater work that Jesus said his followers would be doing. Having a part in it will go with us for all eternity. As a former JW this is far more exciting than cleaning up the rubble earth after Armageddon as I was taught.  As well as more fulfilling! Thank you for such fine words of wisdom and inspiration. Love you all.


July 5, 2015 - Lakewood, Colorado USA

[Regarding Fortifying the Foundation, Part II] The Urantia movement is growing and changing, but it has never been, and I'm not sure it ever should be, organized to the point of having a creed that represents the whole movement. As the movement is now, there is not a centralized center where people go to find out what it's all about; there are several main publishing, fellowship, and outreach sites and probably hundreds of social networking sites, but like the believers before them, new reader/students must formulate their own personal philosophy of life. There is no "Urantian Church," and I for one, hope that there never is.

Anyway, those are my thoughts about it. It seems to me that neither the Urantia movement itself, nor the organizations that promote the book, should be too hasty in creating a common creed - at least not yet. And, who would be the ones making the list? There's really no one "in charge" except the Spirit of Truth, in my opinion, and he inspires us all to do what we are called to do so that the heavenly kingdom is enlarged and firmly established. That's what UBIM is about and what the Christ Experiment is about, too. If the teachings filter into the Christian world, all to the good, and those organizations will hopefully be gaining congregants through the beliefs that they espouse as their own and that will define their churches.


FROM THE AUTHORS: Dear Sister, Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  Your comments will be helpful as we develop the follow up article. It seems there are matters that need further clarification. When it is completed, we will let you know.



July 5, 2015 - Santa Cruz, California USA

[From a former Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses] Good Afternoon Friends, we really enjoyed the afternoon reading of the new article [Fortifying the Foundation, Part II] where it's become something we do on a regular basis. We said a long heartfelt prayer for the UB folks and the faith sons around the world to honor Christ together as he would want us to. Part II has motivated us to plan on heading to the park soon to openly make public declaration of our hope and exercise our faith so that all those within ear shot may join in with us. So thank you for your moving presentation and thank the brother for his excellent reading of the article. May Jehovah God and His Christ bless the entire brotherhood!!


July 5, 2015 - Australia

[Regarding Fortifying the Foundation, Part II] Once again, you are right on target. The “outside perspective” serves you well in your observations of Urantia World. All this business about beliefs, and avoiding them, came from the second generation of leaders, the overlap of the war generation and the boomers. The “old timers” had no problem with openly sharing their beliefs—you are certainly award of Dr. Sadler’s SDA background and his many writings in an effort to reconcile the Bible and TUB. If you haven’t read the Sadler Workbooks published by Urantia Foundation, I highly recommend them, especially Bible Study.

The “handoff generation” were the ones who began to question and reject everything… you know the culture of the 60’s. They weren’t particularly impressed with Christianity even before they discovered TUB and after that they became bitter opponents (I’m generalizing here). When I first got active back in the 90’s I was shocked to find such open hostility to Christianity within study groups and organizational circles. It really bugged me, for all the reasons you note in your essays. Maybe the pendulum had to swing that way, but I lay it more to this pandemic of psychologic immaturity in folks: “I don’t like that so I’m going to pout and reject it because that’s MY will.” In any case, I did my best to counter all that over the years and there have been others who did the same, trying to undo what became the commonly accepted slur of “churchifcation.” It IS complicated because TUB gives us so many examples of the errors and outright tyranny of organized religion; many readers just said “screw all that” and neglected the balancing wisdom found throughout the revelation about the benefits of socializing one’s faith. One cannot be a servant in isolation, eh? A growing pain of the movement perhaps, or again, a reflection of the narcissistic culture we live in. Our guardians surely saw this coming and thus placed an emergency revelation in our midst.

So, enough rambling! Attached is an example of what the Old Timers used to share, this came from Christy. I feel certain you’ll find some resonance there. In good spirit.


July 5, 2015 - Atlanta, Georgia USA

[From a former Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses] Hello dear brothers and sisters, [regarding Fortifying the Foundation, Part II] what a work of art, spiritual art that is, where each reader of the article can highlight something that touches the crux of a deficiency in our worship for instance not being direct as to what we stand for, another point is we need to do something instead of just knowing something. I've always believed that "action breathes life into our knowledge" so this is right up my alley. I hope even at my age that believers in Christ and his teachings will unite for this most worthy cause of bringing heaven down so that we may evolve as individuals and as a group so that pulling together we just might see change sooner than any of us expected! Really, really fantastic information dear friends. And to the UB community, you remain in our prayers as we all work at building our faith to the glory of the Father and the Son by the power of the Spirit. Take care loved ones.


July 3, 2015 - San Juan, Capistrano USA

Your website is a light to the world and I sincerely thank you for your ministry. [Regarding Forityfing the Foundation, Part II] I have adopted your statement of beliefs as my own with minor editing and have attached it for your review. Please let me know if you have any comments regarding the changes I made. I was born into a devout Mormon family who for the most part for three generations on both sides of my family have all been active. I was an active member for many years and a missionary for the church in Argentina. Towards the end of my 20s I began to take issue with Mormon doctrine as my search for truth became more earnest. As time went by I discovered my attitude towards the teachings of Mormonism to conflict with the information I was gleaning. Finally I encountered the Urantia Book and the information contained in this revelation completes the missing pieces to the mosaic of my belief. I can relate to your spiritual paths as the beliefs and practices of our past church affiliations have much in common. Keep up the good work and may you be guided and supported in your righteous endeavors.


FROM THE AUTHORS: Dear Brother, Yes, we have much in common. We believe it is our participation in an actual ministry that makes Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons great carriers of the 5th Epochal Revelation. You are very welcomed to use our Statement of Beliefs. If you have indeed adopted them as your own, there is no need to reference our site as the source or get our approval for your revisions. And please keep us informed of your progress in your ministry.


July 3, 2015 - Walnut Creek, California USA

Hello friends, I have recently come to your website and found out about your work and your call to proclaim the teachings OF Jesus (as contrasted with the religion ABOUT Jesus). It is quite thrilling to me after reading The Urantia Book and studying it for over 40 years to find out about the power of TRUTH that is being experienced by Jehovah's Witnesses. (The power of TRUTH, BTW, is NOT found in a book, but is lived through and in one's life, albeit a "sacred" book can be the intellectual foundation for the LIVING TRUTH.) I am beginning to attend an interfaith council here at our retirement community in CA (about 10,000 people!) There are no Jehovah's Witnesses on the council of about 30 people. Is there a person in the Walnut Creek/ Concord, CA area who may be interested in joining the council, AND perhaps in The Urantia Book? Would love to hear from you. I am rather amazed to tell you the truth to see what is going on. In our Father's Love.        


FROM THE AUTHORS: Dear Sister, Thank you for your kinds words of support. Please understand that Jehovah’s Witnesses, as an organization, are not adopting The Urantia Book. But thousands of  former Jehovah’s Witnesses are. These former Witnesses are the ones who are responding to our ministry. Active representatives of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization would not participate in any interfaith council. They are convinced that only they have the ‘truth’ and all other religions are in the control of ‘Satan.’ Sad, but true. Nevertheless, we have high hopes that many more active Witnesses will find their way to the new revelation once the veil is removed from their eyes and they stop following the dictates of men. Stay tuned!




June 30, 2015 - Los Angeles, California USA

Addressing the subject of "over rapid growth." If we decline to start our discipleship now then when do we take hold of the opportunity? Are we too willing to seek comfort in fearful trepidation? Jesus has already set this worldwide ministry in motion. We are not starting anything new. We are continuing his mission. Do we choose to be apart of it? How do we define "over rapid growth?" Can "over rapid" growth be scientifically measured and quantified? I don't think so. This is a subjective "value" which is defined differently according to individual "insight" and determined by personal experiential "wisdom." This little rock we live on so far out in the galaxy is in serious trouble - externally and internally. If a person chooses to stand on the sidelines while the "game" is being played then that is a matter of freewill choice. However, if a person chooses to be a player then welcome to the "game." Let's choose right now to turn things around. Again, I ask: If not now, then when?

FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you for your bold support. We certainly agree with you. In the ministry of Jesus, there is no such thing as “over rapid growth.” Our Sovereign and his Spirit of Truth can handle all growth – potential and actual. We also want to mention that the brother who raised the issue about growth did so in good faith, not as a challenge or a hindrance to progress. It is one of many good faith issues that will be raised as we move forward in this ministry. We welcome all such inquiries and look forward to responding to the best of our ability.




June 28, 2015 - Murrieta, California USA

[Regarding QA’s 6/27/15 and 6/28/15] I applaud your timely response. The Urantia Book was written and assembled in a particular sequence for reasons mentioned in the text. I know very few readers, myself included, who have initially read it from front to back.  I encourage new readers to examine the book carefully, look at the table of contents, and follow their natural inclinations, sampling here and there as they choose. Ultimately, if they are motivated to go deeper, they will begin to see the wisdom of its sequence.  I see no serious problem in your recommendation to start with Part IV. You know your brethren and what makes sense to them.

The issue of rapid growth which you are experiencing is not a question of violating the evolutionary process.  Your ministry is experiencing a growth spurt that is part of this process.  I only counsel wisdom in the management of such rapid growth. The dialogue you are establishing with your "experiment" can contribute to stabilizing the expansion of your work. In Brotherhood and Friendship.

FROM THE AUTHORS: Dear Brother, thank you for your support.  Please know that we have no interest in managing the growth of the faith sons of God. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” (1 Corinthians 3:6) So you see, we are clearly out of the loop! We have no interest in trying to moderate, slow down, impede or control in any fashion, the growth of the children of God. Our role is to continue to foster increase – plant, water, nurture, if possible, and then let the Spirit of Truth do its work. At the same time, we recognize that there are those on a local level who are taking the lead in directing and organizing a ministry of Jesus’ actual teachings. We wrote about that possibility in an article on our sister site entitled “A True Christian Fellowship.”  But our hope is that even they do not attempt any procedures that would impede or “manage” growth. We suspect that you may not really have meant that we should “manage” growth in the way we have described here. Perhaps you had another idea in mind.  If so, feel free to write us again. But we did want to make this particular point clear. We want our visitors to better understand the role we are undertaking. We do not want anyone to think we are trying to develop another centralized religious organization.


June 28, 2015 - Los Angeles, California USA

Addressing some criticism's [QA’s 6/27/15 and 6/28/15] I realized that these criticism's are probably "Urantia fundamentalist" in origin. Rest assured you are part of the evolutionary process and provide a much needed resource. Keep on steppin'.



June 27, 2015 - Australia

Today my husband and I ventured out to the Mormon Church, Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ, and it was an experience. We each felt that it was the right time to go to them and share our faith, and they welcomed us wholeheartedly.  They were well dressed, polite and above all truly genuine in their worship of God. So many of their teachings on this morning rang true to the theme of the kingdom, of the brotherhood of man, and sonship with God. But of course as in any organized church arrangement the doctrines and dogma shone. Our feeling towards these many men and women were one of brotherly love in seeing them strive to have the blessing from Christ. And it was refreshing to see that they also could become faith sons of our Master in beginning to change our planet, to uplift the spiritual conversation and accomplish the will of Christ and our Eternal Father. Like Jehovah's Witnesses, the Mormons are a great unit for spreading the plain, authentic and true message of Jesus of Nazareth if they would all release themselves from the bondage of organized religion and the worship of men, their leaders.

Today was an insight into future work that can be done throughout the earth and we, who were once in organized religion for all our lives, feel free now to reach [beyond] of ourselves and assist in uplifting and freeing people to change the world and bring an end to suffering and sorrow with a united world worshipping correctly. If each of us direct people to the plain teachings of Jesus and, as one brother said, then stop, wouldn't it spread so quickly. So we said to the ones who we met today, "We'll be back"!!!

June 27, 2015 - USA

[From a group of over 300] Hello dearest family, we've caught more fish with the combined teachings and illuminated words of the UB than we ever imagined and the [Jehovah’s Witnesses] are eating it up, I mean swallowing without chewing the goodness. We've doubled in numbers, but more importantly we are in congregation upon congregation mingling as if all is good with the world, and then like a black mamba, striking with life giving force. With such positive results for just taking a stand in the congregation, conversations are much more deeper than they previously were. Now, what we need from you, we need "anything" because it's all at the right time. So please send something for us to use to enlighten. Oh how we love you and I can't wait til we have our reunion in Heaven!


FROM THE AUTHORS: We are so glad to hear of your shrewd progress and continued growth. And please tell our lovely sister that she is in our prayers.

June 24, 2015 - Murrieta, California USA

Please keep me on your e-mailing list. I applaud your work and hope we can collaborate in the propagation of the Jesus' liberating gospel to the world.


June 24, 2015 - Acworth, New Hampshire USA

As a Urantia Book reader of many years, I think you're doing wonderful work! Will be at the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City this fall trying to build bridges with many religious groups. Hope to see you there!



June 23, 2015 - Lagos, Nigeria

Thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed your recent two articles [Bridge to the Future and Fortifying the Foundation, Part I]. May Our heavenly Father continually strengthen you.



June 22, 2015 - Chicago, Illinois USA

[From a former Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses] All aboard!! Greetings to you all and I do mean all. This information in the UB is wonderful and how you continue to bring, oh I mean bridge, the fourth to the fifth is right on point. We "the congregation of the here and now" disciples and followers of Christ are on board with this wonderful Revelation and we have all focused our attention on the message NOT the messenger, although we feel blessed in many ways to know some of our invisible friends that had been abstract and obscured for centuries. Like kids gone wild in a candy store, the friends are asking more heavenly questions than ever before. We are sooo "fixed on the things above" but we recognize our obligation as Ambassadors to preach the message of sonship. So I've been designated "the reach out and touch you brother," so in behalf of many brothers and sisters aging from 11-89 that I know of, we all send our love and prayers and say a hearty hello to those in the Urantia community! God Bless.



June 21, 2015 - Long Beach, California

[From the wife of a former Circuit Overseer of Jehovah’s Witnesses] Good Evening faith sons, you have no idea how wonderful that feels every time I say ‘faith sons.’ My life has changed dramatically since I've given my life over to the plain and open teachings of Jesus. I feel as though I'm living an authentic life for the first time. My husband and I keep saying “Who were those folks going congregation to congregation spreading falsehoods galore.” The only thing I miss is many of the sincere friends who I believe truly love God but their devotion to the Slave is just too strong to break free, at least for now it is. Right this minute my husband is conducting a bible study with a family that wanted to know more about his reason for stepping away from his assignment, and so what turned into 1 conversation has now become a weekly study of the scriptures using Information from [the AnointedJW site] and of course the Faith Sons of God site. Since I was a pioneer for over 30 years, I've found ways to keep actively proclaiming my faith and my hope by speaking to people daily at parks and by telephone with relatives that had been shunned for years, so I'm finally making my time count. We keep up with the Christ Experiment site also and could not agree with you more on Fortifying the Foundation. As a matter of fact, the whole New Revelation info is outstanding. Not a day goes by that on bended knees we thank Jehovah and His Christ for you bold friends and pray that your health and efforts are having success. Take care, love you much!



June 20, 2015 - Chicago, Illinois USA

[From the wife of a former Circuit Overseer of Jehovah’s Witness] Praise Jah you people! Hello Faith Sons, what a treat! [Fortifying the Foundation, Part I] My husband is a little under the weather so I thought I'd speak on behalf of us both to give two courageous thumbs up for your continued bold approach into the present and future ministries of earth, always thinking positive and inclusive. I read the article and cried until I had no more tears out of joy of what the "possibilities" hold for spirit led faith sons of God. [In our area] over a hundred [Jehovah’s Witnesses] have come to understand the plain and open teachings just since February [2015] and they are making disciples daily, and it's information like this that helps us do what needs to be done. I feel it and my husband feels it that the Anointing of God’s spirit rests heavily upon you both and when I say that, I'm not trying to puff up or say you’re some new ‘Slave.’ What I'm saying is that this feels genuine and backed by Christ. Love you and let’s change the world!



June 20, 2015 - Australia

Absolutely beautiful article [Fortifying the Foundation, Part I], presented so well and so informative.  The point of explaining the interfaith was especially good. We say well done.


June 20, 2015 - Scotsburn, Nova Scotia, Canada

[Regarding Fortifying the Foundation, Part I] Thank you for this well-written plea/declaration to action. Bravo to you, as well!


June 20, 2015 - Atlanta, Georgia USA

[From a former Elder of Jehovah’s Witness] Dear friends, once again we here in the big ATL are jumping for joy and as we read this article [Fortifying the Foundation, Part I]. The word "Amen" kept coming out of the mouths of the friends especially when you spoke of a "shared faith" instead of "inter faith" because isn't that what we are really doing when we have an interchange with our brothers and sisters who love Christ. We will be gathering tomorrow for our weekly reading and enlightenment sessions and it should be quite lively to put it mildly. I also enjoyed the comparison of the New Testament and the UB, and it's interesting that you did that because it's been an effective way for us here to ease the skepticism about the book with both [Jehovah’s Witnesses] and others creating that all familiar "common ground" that paves the way for more lengthier conversations. I pray more people discover this true gem this gift because it's extraordinarily beautiful in how it takes you on his (Jesus) personal journey. So bravo dear friends and keep it going because doors and hearts are opening one by one!


June 20, 2015 - Boston, Massachusetts USA

[From a former Elder of Jehovah’s Witness] The article [Fortifying the Foundation, Part I] is superb in every way. The comparisons you made between the bible followed directly by the UB illustrates the commonality. The argument you made that the world wide Christian community is the best starting place to get the ball rolling was cogently presented. I am very much looking forward to the public response. May the will of the Paradise Father be done.


June 20, 2015 - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee USA

Dear Truth-Loving Friends, As a 40+ year reader of The Urantia Book, I am spiritually refreshed and rejuvenated by your outreach. It is as though "the angels of the churches" are shining a shared light on The New Revelation by guiding me to your site. A friend and I recently produced a message music film titled TEND THE HARVEST which is in sync with your words on The Harvest. The film is posted on the internet. Please seek it out. We seem to be walking in lock-step in matters of timing. Your work is important in calling forth and gathering "laborers". May God Bless you and sustain you.


June 20, 2015 - New York, New York USA

[From a former District Overseer of Jehovah’s Witness] Hello dear Faith Sons, what a beautiful article [Fortifying the Foundation, Part I]. I really hope the world at large reads this and especially "you know who" because people need their minds opened to the beauty of Christ Jesus and the UB does that and more. And the context you are able to give on biblical illustrations and parables has been so beneficial for myself and my wife. The point you make concerning those who try to avoid using the name Jesus because of the stigma attached to religions must look at the actual teachings of Jesus, then they will see it's not our Creator’s fault that man continues to go astray and mingle in their own teachings so that people will look to them as being wise, and we see how that's turned out. Anyway great, great article, and look forward to the future follow up writings. May Christ Jesus and our glorious Heavenly Father continue blessing your writings and the work of all faith sons in "going therefore and making disciples!"


June 20, 2015 - Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA

Thank you for this powerfully motivating article [Fortifying the Foundation, Part I]. I especially liked your distinction between interfaith and sharing faith.


June 20, 2015 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

God bless you and your efforts. This is the best development for the Kingdom that I have seen in 30 years as a UB reader/student. BRAVO! All power and glory be to God.



June 19, 2015 - Scotsburn, Nova Scotia, Canada

Re THE NEW REVELATION-Bridge to the Future. What an inspiration to read this most important message concerning the 5th Epochal Revelation. A prayer has been answered! For years I would invite the local Jehovah Witnesses into my home hoping to infuse a curiosity about the 5th Epochal Revelation and hoping also one day to see the passion for the proclamation of religion these young people demonstrated in their own ministry take hold among the Revelation readership. Just recently I became aware of a fear of the Master and what he might do to men and women in the revelation movement. As well as a fear of the religions of the mind and of tradition, especially Christianity. While your article addresses this, there is also an excellent article in the summer 2015 of the fellowship Herald "Effective Study Group Leadership | Lighting The Way." That addresses this topic. Godspeed on your mission to light the way forward, and please keep me notified of your events, articles and outreach projects. I have many websites and blogs to share your information.


June 19, 2015 - Anaheim, California USA

First of all, I love the “Bridge to the Future” article... And so do so many other alert Urantians. Thanks for maintaining the remarkable level of caring and consideration that’s underpinning your magnificent ministry. We are looking forward to getting to Portland, OR next week to open a booth for The Urantia Book Fellowship for first time on the Exhibit Floor of the Unitarian Universalists' Annual Meeting. I was first drawn to TheChristExperiment based on similarities of circumstances and intentions. Thank you so much for providing us with a contact card to give out at their Annual Meeting. I'd love to hear from you if you get some response. As you probably have figured out by now, I'm hoping to initiate a recognized identity for the Urantia Community within the very welcoming structure of the Unitarian Universalists' international organization - Something I'm convinced would be a fruitful, win-win situation. In love & service.



June 19, 2015 - Reno, Nevada USA

[From a former Circuit Overseer with Jehovah's Witnesses] Good morning dear brothers and sisters, we are enjoying the growth of [TheChristExperiment] but I'm writing you on [the AnointedJW] site because 4 elders that I have been ministering to have progressed to the point of wanting not only to partake but wish to be re-baptized feeling that the stench of the Society needs to be washed off. So of course we will make the arrangements for them. Also some friends in Phoenix, Arizona whom I've known for years who were devoted JW thumpers have said “enough is enough.” If they hear anymore about the "Faithful Slave" or the "[Governing Body]" they will all scream. And they told the body of elders how they feel and could care less what they do. But on a more positive note, they so enjoy both AnointedJW and the FaithSons websites and have learned more in 6 months than in 35 years of being in the [Jehovah's Witness] Organization. So many good and wonderful things are happening with us here and in many other cities around these United States. We hope all is well with you both and we pray that all the Faith Sons of God one day serve God as one big happy family.

June 18, 2015 - Westminster, Colorado USA

I thoroughly loved this article [Bridge to the Future] and as always am deeply impressed by your abilities to articulate these issues. I think you know you have my love and respect. This was moving and brilliant! Where do I sign up? Let's be about our Father's business without further delay.


June 17, 2015 - Santa Paula, California USA

I just finished reading all the info on your About Us page. I am impressed. Thank you for your wisdom and insights.



June 16, 2015 - Redwood City, California USA

Greetings, I would like to send a message of support to the Christ Experiment that you are on the right track in revealing the Master's work.

June 15, 2015 - Quincy, Florida USA

Wow. Love your thinking on how to be about the Father's business using Jesus' teachings. Tell me more.

June 14, 2015 - Australia

Dear Brother and Sister, We are pleased that so many have expressed their feelings on this site about the article, Bridge to the Future. As they and ourselves stand with you as one in Christ and take the bold step forward to bring our planet to the acknowledgment of our Creator without doctrines of men and their institutions. This is a true indication that our heavenly family is urging us all to become a united brotherhood to the glory of our Master. It doesn't matter what religion or belief system we have known, now is the time to put only Jesus' teachings to the fore to help our generation and those in the future. We are looking forward to more articles that will help us put words into action. Lots of love.



June 12, 2015 - Plainfield, Indiana

I just read one of your articles and am very impressed. Please add me to your lists and keep me informed of your progress.


June 12, 2015 - Santa Cruz, California USA

Dear friends and faith sons, we want you to know we are taking the ride of adventure with you and our brothers and sisters in the UB community because we believe strongly in bringing the family of God under one ginormous roof of love which is the whole reason for the vast heavens "to gather together the elect from the far flung heavens.” And although this expanded spiritual revelation is new to many, the spirit has had no problem bearing witness with them, especially part 4 that speaks and breathes life into the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ masterly lived life. So we thank you for this timely introduction in to a Universe of more sights and sounds than previously ever imagined. Great article [Bridge to the Future] dear friends!! May the Father grant you all peace and good will today and forever. More, more, please. Lol!


June 12, 2015 - Livingston, Texas USA

My wife and I are UB readers and also members of the Mormon church. We have to stay low key regarding UB in our Church around the authorities but we do find the UB extremely helpful in our efforts at church to spread the message of sonship regardless of religion. It is both wonderful and frustrating. We love both the UB and the church. Thanks for your efforts.


June 12, 2015 - Mesa, Arizona USA

I am beyond thrilled to have discovered this website via a link from a friend. I have family who are Witnesses and recently, I studied with them for about a year. I loved the studies and the people, but they were less than comfortable with my affinity for the Urantia Book. I discovered the UB when I was 18 and have been reading for over 30 years now, though I don't claim to rank as a master student. I always thought that the Witnesses were the ideal believers to carry the message of the Urantia Book because of how well they are organized, how thoroughly they teach, and how genuinely warm I found the people to be. I am grateful for the work you are doing, carrying the message OF Jesus instead of the message about him. Thank you!


June 11, 2015

Brethren, I am so excited to see your work introducing the Urantia Book into the religious community. Very excited. I have been a reader/believer for 40 years and have found so much inspiration in the revelation and have gained much spiritual growth from the Jesus Papers, I can't even begin to tell you.

June 11, 2015 - Dickson, Tennessee USA

Great Job. At the Preaching Mission, we support you.


June 11, 2015 - Anaheim, California USA

[Bridge to the Future] is a remarkable introduction. Beautiful job.


June 11, 2015 - Denver, Colorado USA

Thank you for your continuing work.  Bridge to the Future is a wonderful introduction.

June 11, 2015 - Arlington, Texas USA

[Regarding Bridge to the Future] Hello family, could not agree with you more on getting the ball rolling on change. We need to see Jesus live again in the lives of his followers, in many ways we've all been hurt in some form or fashion by so called organized religion but we need to chill on blaming Jesus!! Great job

June 11, 2015 - Los Angeles, California USA

I just read your essay, [Bridge to the Future]. It is very fresh and right on point. I would like to post a copy of it to my FaceBook group and wanted to ask your permission to do so. Peace be within you.


FROM THE AUTHORS: Yes, please feel free to post it.  We hope others chose to post it or at least start conversations about the topic on their social media pages.



June 10, 2015

You are engaged very effectively in very important work.  Prayers for continued success!!



May 28, 2015 - Illinois USA

W have opened up to the infinite possibilities based on our family study of the [Urantia Book] every Saturday morning with a group of 15 former Jehovah Witnesses and it has literally turned the hands of time back for us all at least a decade, so we are sailing on the winds of growth.


May 26, 2015 - New York, New York USA

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, as of this moment we are studying both the Bible and using the powerful statements and claims of the [Urantia Book] with fresh eyes. So basically at this juncture it's as you stated "back to basics." So we encourage all who are on a path of enlightenment to keep an open and loving mind as you proceed. What I do believe is that there is much more to this big Universe than what's be disclosed in the past. May the Father further this cause by blessing the assisting hands working on the sites you have begun.



April 21, 2015 - From Inglewood, California USA

Hello and Good Afternoon, [regarding The Urantia Book.] I just wanted to express my utter joy and excitement in Jesus conversations with various ones before his ministry began and also the info he gave Nathaniel regarding the scriptures. This is fascinating reading, I'm having the time of my life and feel as if I'm getting younger with each paper I read because I'm energized and want so much to be with the brothers and sisters in the 1st century fighting alongside them in the spiritual warfare that Jesus said would occur because of the message of the Kingdom that it's really more of a household than Kingdom with its siblings and its parents. This is an eye, mind, heart and spirit opener! I'll talk to you soon but now back to the Christ.



April 20, 2015 - Fort Morgan, Colorado USA

To the brother who feels lost and alone [Question 4/18/15] -- I believe there may be hundreds of people in this world to whom ceremony and theological orthodoxy mean nothing, but what better setting than the church to let the world see Jesus live again through you? I am in a similar situation but I choose to keep going, looking for those brief moments of opportunity to broaden someone's horizons or to be an uplifting influence in their life. Like you I feel I know more than most, and I too experience conflict, but I try to put aside our theological differences and accept my brothers and sisters for what and where they are. Not easy doing that when you feel alone, but we have way more help than we know. There are two ways to deepen our relationship with God: through personal religious experience, and through serving our brothers and sisters. Keep the faith.


April 17, 2015 - Beatty, Oregon USA

I am new to The Christ Experiment, yet I find that the entire concept is long over due, as I read on I appreciate your promotion of Oneness vs Duality, focus on The Masters' actual teachings vs the perceptions of positional authority of church. Hopefully this fact based model will begin to affect the theological arrogance of some 2000 Christ based religions, each purporting to be the true path. Well done my brothers and sisters of light. Yes put me on your mail list and use mine where ever it helps with your very important work.


April 16, 2015 - Huntsville, Texas USA

This is a beautiful site. I love all the work you have done. Please add me to your email list for updates. Thank you for all you are doing. Thank you for the Christ Experiment.


April 15, 2015 - From Los Angeles, California USA

I like your web site and will be examining it more intensively. At the present, I'm intensively studying the Forward of the Urantia Book. Thirty years ago I skipped it for being too difficult and focused on other parts of the book. I understand many people do this, yet the revelators suggest this is the place to start! They were right, of course. The Urantia Book is the best condensation of human philosophy I've ever found. Thank you.



April 13, 2015 - Eagan, Minnesota USA

I really have to admire and applaud those who came up with this idea for this site. True religion is being personal with God and action to do things for God. I was highly impressed with what others said as well, this site gives some hope yet for this dark and corrupted world. Congratulations to All for this site. Michael




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