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December 2014 - March 2015


Thank you to all who visit this site. We appreciate the comments and emails from those who have chosen to have their voices heard. It is our hope that your comments will stir others to express themselves for the benefit of the entire association of faith sons of God.  




February 8, 2015 - Anderson, Indiana USA

Dear Loved Ones, I am thoroughly enjoying all the new information on the websites.  I was a little leery at first about the Urantia Book, especially how the still ‘tried and true’ Jehovah’s Witnesses feel if they happen to visit your site.  But I believe we must move on to what God has in store for us.  I am willing to open my mind and search it out.  Just seeing the video about the Universe and the heavens, and on and on, was mind blowing to me.  I believe our thoughts and minds are just too small to comprehend even a small part of what God can and will show us.  Thanks again.



February 7, 2015 - Bend, Oregon USA

Hi, I very much enjoyed your article - The New Revelation: Bridging the Revelation.  I'm the chairperson of a youth and young adult committee. I'm seeking your permission to post this article on our site as I believe Urantia Book readers would benefit from this interfaith dialogue and open minded critique. Thank you for your consideration and keep up the good work! This "experiment" has lasting value.


FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you for your support.  Of course, you can post the article on your site. Feel free to post any other articles that you believe would help your readers gain a better perspective of the Urantia Book. We only ask three things: (1) that you leave the article unchanged, (2) identify this website as the source, and (3) let us know.



February 7, 2015 -  Fort Morgan, Colorado, USA

I have not read much of the Experiments yet, but based on what I have read, you've hit the nail on the head. My feeling for a long time has been that I need somehow to work with established religion. I believe it says somewhere in [Urantia Book] that we should not take anything away (beliefs) but add to what is already there. A link to you was sent to me and I will tell them how happy I was to get it!


February 7, 2015 - Location Withheld

YEAH TEAM! Please add my email to your contact list. Having been a Urantia Book reader for 40 years, I am SO IMPRESSED with your critique of the human organizations! You nail it! Equally impressed with your comprehension of the WHOLENESS of the teachings. Thank you for such precise, instructive, loving analysis. Nearly every reader I know would be in full agreement with you. Thank you also for so clearly explaining the potential confusion in distributing only "Part IV" (particularly as what has been published is not the complete Part IV). If I may add one point, a critical gap in the bridge is a focus on the concepts more than FAITH. As the Master said truly, it is only by faith that we enter the kingdom. Living faith.


February 5, 2015 - Santa Paula, California USA

Dear Brothers & Sisters, Thank you for the fruits of your sublime spiritual thinking about Jesus and The Urantia Book! After reading your website postings, I feel that I have drunk deeply from the boundless well of universal truth, beauty, goodness and LOVE. Please keep synthesizing and broadcasting this new presentation of the true, original Jesus to our world via the Internet. "Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it." (The Urantia Book 196:1.3 ) Together with representatives from the major Urantian organizations, I work with an independent, non-affiliated team of people who are developing UrantiaUniversity as a morontia-like online school of training here in our world. Our goal is to support serious students in their study of The Urantia Book and to foster personal religious growth and loving service to others. Please add my name to your Email List. With great appreciation for your ground-breaking efforts.

FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you so much for your email in support of our ministry. We visited your website and are very pleased to discover that your curricula begins with Christ Jesus and his sojourn on Urantia.  We have found that so many Urantia Book teachers become so enthralled with the cosmology of the book that they forget the purpose and ‘that which is of greatest value.’ They become intelligent and knowledgeable, but not necessary wise for salvation. Accordingly, we wish you the very best in your endeavors and please keep in touch.



February 4, 2015 - Gadsden, Alabama USA

If the purpose is to debate, there needs to be two points of view. In the Guidelines for these experiments, you basically forbid disagreement. I live in a part of the world with very conservative views on practically everything. Smiling, but conservative views. If I held such views, I would not be lured into discussions with you all. I would not feel welcome. Just a thought.

FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you for visiting our site and sharing your thoughts.  We think you misunderstand our Guidelines.  We do not forbid disagreement.  What we have written is:


We invite fair, open and honest discussion and we will not foreclose good faith dissent or sincere objections. However, we will not abide intolerance, a contentious spirit, blatant foolishness, vicious debate, unreasonable attacks, name calling, or a disposition to interfere with smooth running of the Experiments.

We believe it is quite possible for people to disagree without being disagreeable, offensive or disrespectful. We are hoping to attract people who understand this. So far, we are pleased to say that we have. With the exception of a couple of people, all of our emailers have been respectful even if they have requested that we not post their emails. Our site is not a “social watering hole” or a forum for people to make ad hominem attacks. We want it to be a dignified place of discussion among fair minded, reasonable people who are truly seeking answers not just an opportunity to attack the views of others. We hope you understand.



February 4, 2015 - Gadsden, Alabama USA

[Regarding our Statement of Beliefs] Eloquent, simply eloquent. Thank you for that. Much thought and service has gone into these webpages, for which I am appreciative. I hope not all of the comments are from those of us who have already joined the choir. Blessings to you all in your endeavor.

FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you for this additional email. Most of the comments on this website are from people who are new to the ideas we present, or new to our ministry, such as yourself. But we will say that most of those who take the time to comment are often those who like the ideas and accept them as reasonable and probable, and thereafter continue to support us. We hope you become one of them.




January 30, 2015 - Phoenix, Arizona USA

What happened to your site I hope you did not get into any legal problems. Keep us posted.

FROM THE AUTHORS: No legal problems at all! We had some reorganizing and housekeeping to do.  See our note below.  Thank you so much for asking.



January 29, 2015 - Sydney, NSW, Australia

I have been reading [The Urantia Book] for 20+ years. It is truly brilliant. I discovered it because it was mentioned in another book I was reading. Therefore I did not know any other person who knew of the Urantia Book. As I read it, I felt as though I was experiencing the truth in 3D. The book is what it says it is - The Fifth Epochal Religious Revelation - and it is designed to filter quietly into the heart of mankind without fanfare, and steadily augment the truths revealed in the Bible so as to assist mankind in avoiding the pitfalls born of the Lucifer Rebelion, and maintain the journey to God through our wonderful creator, Jesus.


January 29, 2015 - Kortrijk West-Vlaanderen België (Belgium)

Your site is wonderfully done, thanks. We are in study of the Urantia Book since 2000 and accept this fifth revelation. We are working on our own site.  Now we have time to do it, we are young retired. It will be a pleasure to be in contact. Greetings of fraternity. (Our English is not so good, we know better French and our mother tongue is Dutch.)


January 29, 2015 - Arlington, Texas USA

Hello family, I hope the other site is down temporarily because several friends from the churches are saying “Where is the food?” and I didn't know what to tell them so I just said “They are having some technical difficulties but they will be back because we've got to much work left to do and besides were just getting started into the Harvest. But what I can do is email you some articles that I downloaded just so you can see what's being served.” And so I sent the Truth series and boy did I create monsters, in a good way of course, because they read it all and called back saying "we will be praying for the website to hurry up and get well.” Lol, I thought that was so cute. You see I want to hold off on introducing them to this site because I want to bring them along slowly. So I'm praying all is well and whatever's happening is a forward movement by the spirit of the Father. Ok now you guys take care.


FROM THE AUTHORS: We apologize for the inconvenience in our sister site,  But it is up and running again. If you have problems logging on, we are told that if you clear your cache and your browsing history, you should be able to contact to it. The site was down so we could reorganize and redirect the domain name for a site just for the new ministry – Into His Harvest.  Please introduce our new brothers and sisters to We are revising much of the information from the AnointedJW site and publishing it on the FaithSons site for the non-Witness community. Visit the new site and let us know what you think.  Love you so much and thank you for asking about us.



January 28, 2015 - Sydney, Australia

Praying for the forward momentum of Brotherhood on our world.


January 26, 2015 - Oregon USA

Brother and Sister, Wow! what a service, what clarity, you have made my day, the Spirit of Truth is humming with resonance and appreciation in my heart. Our Father Michael must be so pleased with your work as you help Christians emerge with new understanding of his life, mission and purpose on Urantia. Bless you so, so much. Do you know the fourth part of the book is published separately? Would this book be helpful to some of your readers who wish to start with just Jesus' life before venturing on to parts I - III? Please add me to your email lists.

FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you Brother for your support. Yes, we actually have a few copies of the separate book of Part IV. We understand the reasoning for separating out Part IV for the Bible reading community, but by doing so, much of the information in Part IV is not understandable.  They would still have to obtain the entire revelation in order to progress. And Bible readers would miss the explanation of the Lucifer rebellion contained in Part II, and the true Adam and Eve story contained in Part III. They would miss the explanation of personality survival and the glorious heavenly career that the Apostle Paul was privy to but only provided a glimpse. The better option, we believe, is to take the entire revelation, but read it in the jagged fashion as we describe in Introducing the Urantia Book. With a proper explanation of the book, we believe readers can have a far better opportunity to give the revelation a fair examination and critique. But, of course, these are just our opinions.



January 26, 2015 - Medford, Oregon USA

Well done! I love the straight forward way you have dealt with the range of conflict within the [Urantia Book] readership and how clearly the ideas are expressed. I will be using this site as my gateway site for the students I am currently working with. Thank you so much for your service the fellowship!


January 24, 2015 - Sacramento, California USA

So happy to see your site! I having been reading the Urantia Book for quite some time. Waiting and working toward the time when those within "organized religions" would start to see the truth about this book and many would start to share it within those communities of believers. Most of us who have been reading this book came out of organized religions. We are very excited to see your project. We have a study group in the Sacramento area, all are welcomed to join us. Please add me to mailing list. Thanks.


January 24, 2015 - Ste-Sophie Québec Canada

I am a reader of [the Urantia Book] and I discovered your website through a reader friend in Tasmania. We sometimes wonder how the celestial beings do work? You are a living proof of it as well as my friend of Tasmania that I met in 2011 in Chicago. What such a wonderful work you are providing to humanity. Hope you will attend the Parliament of World Religion in Salt Lake City next October. It is just around your corner! I will be there, would not want to miss this event and meet with my brothers and sisters of the world.



January 21, 2015 - Chicago, Illinois USA

Hello dear and faithful sons of God, I was too once blind, but oh say can I see!! [The Urantia Book] has thoroughly illuminated the Bible in so many ways I can’t begin to enumerate. I've finally come up for air in my reading just to say thank you for this timely introduction to the width, lengths and depths of God. When you examine the book from the "bridging" method as you suggest [Bridging the Revelation], you find elongated answers to Biblical mysteries that leave you going around and around, but with this Aid you can find some closure. The Part 4, dear faith sons, is a must read because it gives you a perspective or allows us to take the entire journey with Jesus and you start to understand the depth of the MAN. Oh brothers I could go on and on but please friends read it for yourself. Ok back to my reading. May God continue to grow this ministry!




January 13, 2015 - Chicago, Illinois USA

Hello faith Sons of God, wow this is bold for sure! If my friends and I were on the Internet, our conversations about the [Urantia Book] would be "trending." I mean, it dominates our dreams and conversations these days in a purely fun, no judgement kind of way, exploring the infinite possibilities of the heavens. And what we do to temper all the opposing talk is just say “what if it were a great science fiction book” and how excited we'd all be reading it. Then we say “now what if this is true.” We are not only learning a more productive way of living, it's thrilling! What we don't understand we just make a note of it and keep reading and maybe at some point in the future if it's not answered we will revisit it then. But for now two thumbs up brothers.



January 9, 2015 - Reno, Nevada USA

Hello dear brother and sister, I’ve had my face buried in the Urantia Book ever since you brought it to our attention, and this has to be the most fascinating collection of spiritual goodies on our planet. I view it this way for now, and that is, if this is a hoax, it’s the best hoax ever because of how it makes you feel in your spirit.  I mean, I feel like serving more, loving the flock and all peoples more, loving the future heavenly career more, a deeper appreciation for the Angels, Adam and Eve, Melchizedek and the lists goes on and on. So if it's fake, then bartender give me a double. If you think I enjoy it you should hear [another young brother] and some of the younger minds talk about it, truly something to behold. Thanks for your introduction because a lot of older and less open minded friends will need your special touch to explain some words and terminology. So we stand at the ready always praying for you friends and whoever does those posters tell them bravo, they are treasures. God bless.


January 9, 2014 - Australia

Hello, fellow “faith sons of God”, this is in relation to the New Revelation. I would like to extend my congratulations to you both on revealing this book to fellow Christians and readers of the articles etc, on your site. As you already know I have been a reader of the Urantia Book for some time now and also a reader of your site and have discerned that it does indeed contain valuable information that will assist all of us in spiritual progress and towards Godly perfection in relative terms.


January 9, 2015 - Detroit, Michigan USA

I like your site and I think it's time for something new to restart Christianity in general. I just started reading the Urantia Book and I started with the Jesus papers and I love it. Thank you very much.



January 7, 2015 - Dayton, Ohio USA

Brother and Sisters in Christ, this is the best website I've seen, and ever since leaving the [Jehovah’s Witness] organization, I've been searching for something that could help me in making sense of religion in general. And then a Witness friend mentioned your other site because she knows I'm a partaker and she knew I'd been so depressed not having my friends, etc. So I looked there and loved what I was reading. And I've got to be totally honest with you, my life has changed. You friends think on the same wave link as I do and maybe it's because I truly believe in the spirit of truth's ability to teach us. And so I saw on the Faith Sons site a reference to this site and OMG JACKPOT, the Mother Load. I have a new home. "Do I believe God would give a new Revelation in the 21 century?" Yes I do with all my heart and I believe it is the Urantia Book! That's right I said it. Now I know many people will not understand why I'm so convinced and I know the reasons for the lack of understanding on a person’s part, and that's because “they haven't read it!' It's that simple. And the way you so gently weaved in the Urantia Book on the other site and the Revelation section on this site is absolutely beautiful. You friends have a real grip on how to say the right things in the article and also the respect you still place with the Bible, so bravo brothers! I'm so excited to find others who "understand," "brothers who gets it." So, I’m not a writer type but you can believe I'll be keeping up with you! Isn't it ironic that the best thing a Witness ever did was to introduce me to you! God Bless you All.


January 7, 2015 – Nigeria, West Africa    


From Visitor: I am ready to delve into this Urantia Book. I have heard a lot about it, both negative and positive. I read your post on the AnointedJW website in which you had to make some adjustments for the sake of the consciences of others. Hence if you feel more comfortable to bring it under this site I am interested in reading. I have personally covered the Bible more than 9 times. And I would keep covering it. It is already a good habit I choose to continue. I would look around the city I reside to see if I can get a hard copy of the Urantia Book. I am open to your analysis. And please don't publicly post my email.

Our Response: We are so glad you had an opportunity to visit our websites and we are also excited that you have decided to take that leap of faith and examine The Urantia Book.  We will, of course, honor your request that your email not be posted to the site.  We do want you to know that an email from a brother in Nigeria will help our audience know that the Experiments have appeal beyond the Western world and will spark others to likewise examine the Urantia Book.  So if you decide in the future to allow us to post your email, we will be sure to omit your name and your email address. We will only post your comments and your country. If you have any questions as you continue your examination of The Urantia Book, please feel free to write us again.  Questions help us develop articles and add to a meaningful critique of the book.

Visitor's Reply:  Kindly go ahead and post the mail without the name and email as you suggested. I have started reading the book, from Part IV. It is quite moving. The lessons are touching. At the moment I am in Jesus sojourn to Rome with Ganid and his Father. I could not get a hard copy among the bookshops I checked, so I downloaded a PDF copy. I thank God for the internet!!! Thanks for the current write up on Michael, it certainly clarified a lot for me. To be frank, I choose to tread cautiously, you know once beaten twice shy. I did enjoy your illustration of the child that gradually gets to know the world beginning from his family. The Part I am presently reading, is quite moving, just quite moving, that I make sure I read it for at least an hour daily. I pray you continue in good health so you can have the energy for the work you are doing. Thanks.




January 5, 2015 - Arlington, Texas USA

Hello Family, welcome to the future of religious dialogue! You've been on the fringe or cutting edge of the "next big thing" and the Urantia Book is definitely that. In Bridging the Revelation we couldn't agree with you any more than we do when you speak of googling these off shoots or new guru's of the book putting their less-than-perfect spin on such a well meaningful gift. So we here hope that people read it for themselves and if they do, they can sit back, put their feet up and enjoy the ride of life as the journey through the Universe. We have been going over the book for about a year and mapping out how to best utilize it in our ministry and we've concluded that using it as an aid instead of presenting it as the new Bible is more effective, at least for us this has proven true. One thing’s for sure, it has motivated us all to serve our communities better and to treat all peoples as our brothers and never judge another's faith. So you can see how damaging it is folks, oooh scary! Love you both!! We are so excited for the future you just don't know!


January 5, 2015 - New York, New York USA

[Regarding Bridging the Revelation] Greetings Brother and Sister, I believe this is the proper and only way to achieve success in advancing past primitive thinking. My wife and I along with a small brigade of faithful lovers of Christ and worshippers of Our Heavenly Father are so ready dear friends for the change because if we're honest with ourselves, the way things are in the religious community isn't working. Thank you friends for having the courage to even fathom the possibility for change.



January 4, 2015 - Orlando, Florida USA

Dear fellow Sons, I'm truly joyous in reading your sites as I have over 2 years now and I fully understand the courage required to speak about the Urantia Book. I myself have read it for many years off and on, not because I didn't appreciate the papers. I just believed it was going to be nearly impossible to convince Bible thumpers to give it a fair chance to receive something new, and I know how much you appreciate it just for the fact you've taken a leap of faith to mention it and now discuss it. So my prayer and my family say thank you dear Father in Heaven!!


January 3, 2015 - Inglewood, California USA

Blessed Evening to you All, I read your entries on the Urantia Book and find your questions to be thought provoking to say the least, and personally it would do mankind a world of good to have a modern day type of Bible or aid for progressing pass the Ancient mentality. The papers on Jesus are rivetingly addictive, I've been reading for a week straight and I'm just now entering the Life of Jesus because it took me a whole week to read and re-read the Bestowal papers. And I'll be as honest as I've ever been and tell you "It's probably the most fascinating information I've ever even dreamed possible. I mean it's truly other worldly." So when I proceed further, I'll be writing you back!




January 3, 2015 - Atlanta, Georgia USA

[Regarding Introducing Jesus] Dear brother and sister, it's going, going, gone! A home run on this one!! This is fascinating. It's going to take me a little time to take this in so that I can fully explain it, but I'm having this unusual feeling in my spirit that something special has been introduced. This is special. I know I just said that, but I mean it. We've entered a new era as Christians. We are re-reading the article after lunch, not to debate but to digest. Oh, you've done it now, I can kiss sleep goodbye! Love you all.



January 2, 2015 - Unknown

We are with you all. It matters not if you are unable to witness our friendship with your physical eyes for that is just a matter of time and faith attainment. But for those whose faith has said to them that "I live with the understanding that you reside next to me at all times and I welcome your visitation because I am faithful to your word," these are the children of time who shall see God because they have come to know God. For all sons lingering in fear for whatever reason, I say to you "grow up in your faith," because in time you will have to draw upon this faith to go from glory to glory and life to life! Practice being as honest with yourself and others as humanly possible, trusting that we will support you all the way through every difficulty, and in every triumphant victory we shall celebrate with you in full. The momentum of the spiritual pull toward the inward climb is strong, so hold on and enjoy the ride.



January 2, 2015 - Branson, Missouri USA

Dear Brothers in Christ, it's a privilege to address you for the first time but most definitely not my last. This is an answer to a longtime prayer that you brave brothers have helped me resolve. It has to do with religion as a whole and the way the Urantia book talks about religion. It sounds more like the Father. Jesus spoke about a God that’s not partial and that it's all about the willingness of a person to do God’s Will that makes him approved or disapproved. I've read your articles on your other site and now I understand why you say what you say with such conviction. This is not to stroke your egos in anyway shape or form, but I would include your "Faith Sons" aka AnointedJW site as a teacher’s guide along with the Urantia Book. So I take my hat off to you brothers for attempting to delve deeper into subjects that matter. Like I said, a prayer has been answered and I believe God used you dear friends to deliver it. My oh my, what a New Year. Peace to you brothers.



December 29, 2014 - Reno, Nevada USA

Good Evening brothers, it is a journey that hasn't disappointed that's for sure. Ever since the Bethel brother came to our congregation to bust it up til now, it's been the ride of my life keeping up with you friends. But no one’s complaining because all of our lives are the better for having come in contact with 1st the AnointedJW site and then the Experiment site. And now with this beautiful bomb shell of the Urantia Book, there's no telling what's coming next, but what’s for certain, we can't wait for the next episode. We believe if your trust is in God and not man you don't mind when someone says ‘hey read that’ or ‘take a look at this’ because you’re not living in fear of some kind of retribution. So we as a group of a few hundred look forward to this potential growth of sons all over the world. Love your work and the intense effort you continue putting forth!



December 29, 2014 - Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Hello Dear Brother and Sister, I've been reading the interesting section on Jesus masterful life and it's thrilling to say the very least! It's detail is so vivid that if not true you'd have to be the best Hollywood writer in the history of histories, I kept referencing portions with the accounts in the Bible and it really makes the bible come alive. Now I know some people who don't read it with an open mind will automatically complain, be skeptical and just plain old fearful that there could be more. Oh say it ain't so dear Watson! But it's way more moving and enlightening than the "Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" book, that's for sure.

My regret is that I wish I had the brain of my youth so that I could keep up with the other information contained in Parts 1-3 but what I did appreciate and so did my wife is the first paper on the Universe Father, dear friends it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The only thing I or we could say was Amen over and over again. So if you receive so slack for introducing extra-non biblical material, don't let it stop you from sharing with us what might help us as extended family members to get a firm grip on the real life! I've talked with brothers in Mexico, the [United Kingdom] and in Canada, and we're having lively discussions about the book. Not anything negative, just lively in the sense of us talking over one another on various things Jesus did, wanting to discuss this point and that point. So thank you friends for taking the gigantic leap of faith because to us you leaped and landed on your feet! Take care.



December 28, 2014 - Alexandria, Virginia USA

Thank you so much for your work focusing on the commonalities of various faith traditions and the teachings of The Urantia Book - "what the world needs to know most is the religion of Jesus and how he lived it" - God Bless you and your work.




December 27, 2014 - Brooklyn, New York USA

Greetings brothers, I am curious, excited and numerous other emotions running through my spirit at the same time. This is risky on your part because of the reputation you've built up over the years you brothers have been up and running. I've kept close tabs on every article you've written whether on this site or the AnointedJW site, so much respect for throwing caution to the wind and letting the spirit guide you. I'm not one to judge because I've for many years grown up with such a fear of exposing ourselves to extra-biblical material, but as you so beautifully stated, [Jehovah’s] Witnesses do it per meeting, so once again bravo, bravo!! I've just gotten started in the Urantia Book doing as you suggested, starting with the Jesus papers in part 4, and OMG there is nothing like I've ever read that moved me at every turn of the page. So if nothing else comes of this introduction into something new, I'd like to thank you for giving me a fresh look at the Life of Jesus the Master Teacher!



December 27, 2014 - Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

Please add my name to your email list. I would like to follow and participate in The Christ Experiment. Thank you.

FROM THE AUTHORS: We are happy to add you to our Email Alert List.  You participate in the Experiments by sending us your comments, in favor of or against the topics we write on and, if possible, start conversations on your own or through your social media about this topic.  The more people who are exposed to the possibilities expressed in these Experiments, the more meaningful they will become.



December 27, 2014 - Unknown

Just wanted to say Hello and thank you for your effort to gradually present the spirit knowledge contained in The Urantia "book" through your many articles. This "ChristmasPresent" of 2014 was the best I ever received (or ever will). But it wasńt until the very last week of this year that I was truly liberated by the teaching of the Urantia Revelation. Without a doubt: It is indeed a revelation by the Father and Michael via various celestial beings. I have so far only scratched the surface but that was more than enough to convince me. We are truly privileged to have this spirit guided book/writings available to us. The Fathers Acceptable Year did really come true in 2014, but in a way I could never have anticipated. But it sure was the best way for me. Once again, thank you Brothers!      

FROM THE AUTHORS: We are so glad you connected “The Father’s Acceptable Year” article with the stirring of this New Revelation. And we encourage you to continue to expect the unexpected!



December 26, 2014 - Beverly Hills, California USA

Good Evening Fellow Believers in Christ! I'm rejoicing over the GIFT I've received from a fellow Doctor and they also helped me to get to know Christ so I wanted to first say thank you for the AnointedJW site that helped me and my wife and my mother-in-law to become sons of God, and helped me to be a better Doctor and Husband. And now with the best Christmas present possible my friend got me a copy of The Urantia Book so I don't have to read it on-line which isn't bad but having a copy in my hands makes it more personal. Much appreciation for all of your work, go in peace!


December 26, 2014 - Los Angeles, California USA

Hello my dear friends, my mind will never be the same and I couldn't be happier. I've been reading nonstop the Jesus papers til 3am every night. It's hard to explain the feeling, I guess this is what some would describe as something bearing witness. I mean it's speaking to me dear friends and it makes me personally feel closer to the master more than ever. Me and my family are meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss [The Urantia Book] so as you have in the past, keep following the spirits leadings and stay well my brother. God bless.




December 26, 2014 - USA

I am happy to have discovered this website and would like to make a donation but do not see a link to do so. Can you provide one? Thank you.

FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you, we will provide a link within the next few days.  In the meantime, feel free to donate through our sister site, at this link: Voluntary Donations.



December 25, 2014 - Beverly, Ohio USA        

Regarding Introduction to The Urantia Book – Dear Faith family, If you haven't seen the Creation Tour by David Hansen on you tube you might want to check it out. It is a CAD version of heaven and it is so easy to understand and shows just how organized our Heavenly Father is. It is all from the Urantia Book. The man who put it together put a lot of work into it and it's quite interesting. Anyway just thought I'd share. Thank you.

FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you for this information. The video is pretty informative. As you may know, there are many, many readers of The Urantia Book who have created visual aids, commentaries, indices, etc., some which are quite helpful in gaining an understanding and appreciation of the book. We do, however, want to caution our audience about focusing too much on the cosmology of the book, which is so very easy to do. The primary focus should be on learning about our immediate sovereign who one time sojourned on our planet. Unless we come through him, we will never get to see for ourselves the things and beings in the Central and SuperUniverses. Some readers of the book are missing this foundational first step and are filling their minds with knowledge but not growing their souls and allowing the saving message of Jesus to perfect their faith. And they miss out on understanding the purpose of The Urantia Book because that purpose was explained in Part IV, The Life and Teachings of Jesus.


December 25, 2014 - Boston, Massachusetts USA

Regarding Introduction to The Urantia Book – It was in November 2012 when some trusted friends gingerly introduced me to the Urantia Book. For a whole year I barely read anything else including the Bible. My wife would often come to bed after me late at night and find me sitting up with my head slumped down fast asleep with the Urantia Book in my lap. It filled such an insatiable spiritual thirst that I been longing for even though I had been a long time elder with Jehovah's Witnesses and an avid Bible student. It opened up the Kingdom of the Heavens in such a marvelously extravagant way that for the first time I understand what the apostle meant about earnestly wanting to put off (this tabernacle) his fleshly body to began the heavenly career. I received answers to all the questions I have ever asked and received answers to many questions I never thought to ask! It is so gratifying to know how many of our dear brothers and sisters have "come out of the closet" as readers and are sharing their experiences. It has been a pleasure reading all of the emails thus far. Keep them rolling in dear brothers. May your spirit be full today, and love to you all.



December 25, 2014 - Santa Cruz, California USA


Regarding Introduction to The Urantia Book – Dear brothers and sisters, well I guess you've heard from many of our dear friends and we here in Santa Cruz want to aid our voices of support to this bold approach. As a matter of fact, two sisters who have been readers of the Urantia Book for 10 years say they could tell from the amount of love and willingness to contemplate the heavens [on] that they felt the influence of the book. So many of us are familiar with it but will now take a more in depth look. We look forward to the future articles.




December 24, 2014 - Reno, Nevada USA


Regarding Introduction to The Urantia Book – Dear brother and sister, To express how warmly the idea of a new Revelation has caught the imagination in the friends here is like this: you'd be handed the keys to the city! Mind you we are getting along in age but we still know the lamb’s voice when he speaks. Hundreds of Faith brothers look forward in taking this journey which seems in many ways to be the swan song for many of us, so this more advanced look at our future home is right on time. So once again, the expect the unexpected has come true this time in a big beautiful way.




December 24, 2014 - Lutz, Florida USA


Regarding Introduction to The Urantia Book – When I left the spiritual death dealing air of the Watchtower organization over 15 years ago, I could not even read the Bible without feeling condemned, angry and sad. The first revelation I had after demanding God show me was an amazing dream that led me to the Tao te Ching. This book was familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then there was a saying about being like children and it dawned in me, many of the sayings were almost word for word what Jesus was saying although it was written 500 B.C.! In fact, it fit right in with Bible thought, but from a much more positive, realistic paradigm. From that point forward, the Bible and God once again became part of my life! For 15 years I went through varying degrees of spirituality, yet KNEW there was an intelligent force behind life and tried to live that reality. Then less than 2 years ago, while learning of Watchtower history and hypocrisy, I really was able to free my mind from their sick views. Then an ex-[Jehovah’s Witness] told me about The Urantia Book. I was highly skeptical, but as with the Tao, I look at how each thing I involve in my life bears good or rotten fruit. The Urantia gospel, in particular REALLY amplified the fact that God sent Christ to gather His children. When I read John 1:12-13, I told this to someone else, and I glimpsed the personality of God, He became MY FATHER! Scriptures I read my whole life kept flooding into my mind and heart with new meaning! Fear disappeared from my life! Indescribable joy filled me. I AM A CHILD OF GOD, YaHWeH! Every day the spirit and the law written on my heart guides me! I am eternal by the grace of Jesus and My Heavenly Father and I have become a new creation. Although since I rarely read the book, I am part of the universal family and walking a road of goodness, love for God and others as the fruitages of the Spirit flourish in my life! Praise God our Heavenly Father and our Lord and brother Jesus, who answers ALL my prayers that are to facilitate seeking first the kingdom!!    


FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey. As a Urantia Book reader, you may be familiar with Machiventa Melchizedek’s ministry in the days of Abraham wherein he introduced divine teachings, some of which were retained and promulgated by Abraham and his early descendants, and were later reintroduced by Jesus of Nazareth. Machiventa’s teachings were spread throughout the Orient and were later adopted by Lao Tsu (or Lao Tse), the accepted writer of the Tao te Ching. (Paper 94, Chapter 6.) This explains why Jesus’ message and the message of Lao Tse are so similar. The things Jesus taught were widely accepted in his universe and have always been his view and his way of doing things long before he arrived on earth, as Machiventa well knew. And this is another reason why we believe a critical examination of The Urantia Book will serve to unite peoples of all faiths to the service of our one Lord, and one Sovereign, Christ Michael of Nebadon who sojourned on earth as Jesus of Nazareth.




December 24, 2014 - USA


Regarding Experiment No. 6 and The Introduction to The Urantia Book – Bravo fellow readers, I'm a longtime advocate of the Creator Sons commission and I've been on this journey now for 36 years and I will give you credit for your effort to consolidate or should I say redefine what it means to be a follower of Christ. I believe strongly in your methodology of delivery and I hope that your work keeps picking up traction. Everybody's got a spin or a twist and so far your pretty straight forward which is a blessing to read in and of itself. Light and Life to you faith sons!




December 24, 2014 - Denver, Colorado USA


Regarding Experiment No. 6 and The Introduction to The Urantia Book – Hello family, this is deep but wonderful and if true, this is what mankind has been waiting for. We have been reading the Jesus section and it’s mind blowing how intricate it is, how it puts you in the scene. So we plan on reading the information to get it well in mind then introduce it to the fellowship. This is big and we are excited to be a part of it! Love you both, good health to you.




December 24, 2014 - Reno, Nevada USA


Regarding Experiment No. 6 and The Introduction to The Urantia Book –  Good Afternoon, my father asked me to give your site a chance to grow on me. Let me explain a bit. My father use to be a Circuit Overseer [with Jehovah’s Witnesses] who stepped down and is now engaged in a new ministry of awakening people to their true destiny, the Kingdom of the Heavens. And that's all fine and good, but I left the [Watchtower] organization many years ago and became very disillusioned by religion as a whole. So knowing where I stand, he gave me your site address and I looked you people up and found what you had to say was different but I still wasn't sold yet. But when he passed the New Revelation information to me, now we're talking! This is a shot in the arm for folks who have been hurt by religious teachers and some of the crazy teachings that go on in churches and in Kingdom Halls so this type of thinking outside the box is growing on me and the video package is stunning. So thank you brothers for helping my Dad and thank you for reigniting my interest in God.




December 24, 2014 - Atlanta, Georgia USA


Regarding Introduction to The Urantia Book – Hello my dearest friends, beautiful, beautiful beautiful is what I keep saying after watching the video links you provided, both are outstanding. I believe this is the best keep secret that's in plain view! These contributors of the Urantia Foundation hit it out the Park!! The friends here in the ATLANTA area can't wait to start this exciting new journey. Our great God and Father is simply Awesome.    


FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you for your comments. We are certain the creators of those videos will read your comments.  We wanted to mention that neither of them are a part of The Urantia Foundation.  But they are avid readers and active in the ministry of this new revelation.




December 24, 2014 - New York, New York USA


Regarding Introduction to The Urantia Book – I'm overjoyed dear friends, the Journey through the Universe is breathtaking. My wife and I were in tears after the 7th viewing of it and after each time we watched it, we looked at each other and said an audible prayer that could be heard throughout the neighborhood. Congratulations dear brother and sister. No matter what some fanatics may say about the book or the video, if it's not positive and if they cannot say truthfully in their heart that they are not filled with awe, then they probably don't have a pulse either. Throw fear outside friends and enjoy this adventure of epic proportions. Your explanation of how to digest the book is very well thought out and I'm already prepared to not understand everything at first and that's ok I'm so happy to just be experiencing this at my age and to be doing it with my wife, as the saying goes "it doesn't get any better than this!" God bless.



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