We all long for peace on earth, so why is it so elusive?  People of every race, creed and color, practically all governments, religions, and secular groups express a desire for it.  With every political election, we hope for it.  With every new ideology, we pray for it.  With every new generation, we long for it. With every new technology, we reach for it.  So what hinders its realization?


Nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth introduced a revolutionary way of thinking, of believing, and of behaving all designed to bring about such peace. But within a few hundred years, his simple teachings were changed, added to, and submerged under so much manmade dogma.  We wondered what would happen if we went back to the beginning and re-introduced the plain and unadulterated teachings of the Master.  Would the world change? We think so.


To that end, we designed this experiment -- an experiment into the power of the plain and open teachings of Jesus. We invite all lovers of Christ to join us in this experiment to see if the simple message of a carpenter’s son can bring an end to sorrow, suffering and injustice of all sorts, and bring about the longed for peace on earth and good will toward all men.



  Your Family in the Faith, 


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