The Banner of Michael

-the Standard for Truth-

“. . . the banner of Michael, the material emblem of the Trinity government of all creation, the three azure blue concentric circles on a white background.”

(UB 53:5.4)


       Because we are promoting the ministry and sovereignty of our Master Son Christ Michael, we have chosen to place a representation of his banner on our site and in connection with this ministry.                                           


“. . . these three circles were emblematic of the infinity, eternity, and universality of the Paradise Trinity of divine maintenance and direction.”

(UB 93:3.3)


     Being representative of the unity and the corporative nature of the Paradise Trinity, we choose to join the circles rather than separate them as if they were three independent rings.


“. . .  on his breast [Melchizedek] wore an emblem of three concentric circles, the Satania symbol of the Paradise Trinity. In the course of his ministry this insignia of three concentric circles became regarded as so sacred by his followers that they never dared to use it, and it was soon forgotten with the passing of a few generations.”

(UB 93:2.5)


      It is our hope that by publishing the banner of Michael with this explanation, we can re-establish what was forgotten and lost.


  Your Family in the Faith, 




03/22/17   Why Did You Change the Banner of Michael?

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