Experiment No. 7


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April 3, 2015


Experiences of Those Who Participated in 2015




September 3, 2015 - Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England (UK)

It makes sense to commemorate the same date each year when Jesus instituted this, even though he put no restriction on doing this annually. Nissan 14 is as accurate as we can get. Nowhere in Jesus's teachings does he limit partaking of this celebration to a small select class of disciples or persons. People who are encouraged to just observe & not partake of the 'emblems' are unwittingly following the same pattern as those who celebrate the 'Black Mass', i.e. a rejection of Jesus's plain and simple offer.



August 13, 2015 - Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

The celebration of the supper as presented in the Bible and in the Urantia Book is widely recommended to be celebrated by everyone practicing the RELIGION of JESUS and not religion created on the name of JESUS. My points individually are: (1) No objection for the date chose by Experiment No. 7; (2) Who is suppose to participate at this celebration? Because Jesus celebrate it with his 12 apostles minus Judas and we know there were more than 12 people following JESUS in that time.



March 15, 2015 - Phoenix, Arizona USA

My personal opinion on the Supper is that I, ME, Myself, shall do it on the night of the Passover. Jesus IS the Passover. The Israelites caught a glimpse of Jesus 3,500 years ago. I enjoy being in Solidarity with all my Brothers, Past, Present and Future. All of us waiting and pointing to Jesus!  Also, if you were to invite me to your house on Good Friday, I would partake  again. Truth be told, I will attend more that one Supper that Week. The article is RIGHT ON! subject.  



March 7, 2015 - Tasmania, Australia

In our viewpoint the one day celebration of Jesus death is an almost impossible undertaking with so many variations of Christian belief systems and understandings of what the Scriptures present, but it doesn't seem to interfere with their stance, so it is an excellent proposal to get rid of the barriers that have splinted the authentic teachings of Christ. The simplicity of it makes it an easy act to follow for anyone, but it will take real faith to want to be a part of a worldwide brotherhood.  So the proposal in itself is a united start from a human point of view and from an honest appraisal the inspiration could only come from above. The test will be then in following through and seeing the results.




March 6, 2015 - Chicago, Illinois USA

Dear brother and sister, this year’s Memorial should be a beautiful show of honor for the our Father's oldest Son and for the example he set for us all when it come to how deep our love for one another goes. A good number of attendees will be first timers and so far 39 brothers and sisters from 7 different congregations have had communion with us already to demonstrate just how seriously they are taking this special day. And for all those who don't know [Jehovah’s Witnesses], they would never do any drinking and eating representing the Memorial if they were not seriously going to go through with it, so that's good news. But our ultimate goal is to have 100 new sons in the Kingdom all having the Victor's mentality. Keep us in your prayers as you stay constantly in ours. Standing as One in Christ.


March 2, 2015 - Denver, Colorado USA

Hello, I’m so excited to inform you both that 102 guys gave their lives to Jesus today. But hold on it gets better. So far we've got 6 Missions on board for the Good Friday Supper. That's not including those in Los Angeles so who know how many will be offering themselves to Christ as one big happy family. We've set a goal of 5,000 so pray for us please because at the moment we are still hammering out the details like the time and which article we all will read from, so you know things like that, so it's been a long day. God bless you two and all of God's little helpers.



February 26, 2015 - Arlington, Texas USA


Hello Family, count us here in the Great State of Texas in on the Memorial night communion supper. I didn't want to prematurely speak for others until I heard from them all, and when it's over 200 folks, it takes a while. So now we as a group will be spreading the word for the "Good Friday" Christ dinner. Love you all and I hope everyone gets involved to give a show of solidarity. Love you both take care




February 25, 2015 - Los Angeles, California USA

Dear Brothers, at first I thought the new experiment was just too big of an undertaking. I truly believe it is a good idea but how can you possibly make it happen? People are too ingrained in their religious beliefs to try something new. But then I realized it really isn’t that hard, at least not for my family. We are going to be having dinner on the night of Good Friday anyway. So we can just add bread and wine (we’re having juice because of the kids) and have a Remembrance Supper. I think if people thought of it like that, it can really happen. We are going to do it and we’re going to tell others. Even though we won’t be having the dinner together in a large hall, we will be doing something in solidarity with other Christians around the world who have a little Supper in their own homes that night. Not a big undertaking after all! Thank you for your bold suggestion. By the way, that part from the Urantia Book was so eye opening! So many things about the last supper make more sense to me now. I’m really enjoying the book. Take care.



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