(January 18, 2019)

    We are now at the end of the Experiment No. 8, The Planetwide Unity Initiative (“PUI”), where we encouraged Urantia Book readers to read together Part IV – The Life and Teachings of Jesus.  To add to the enjoyment of the reading, we produced over 300 videos of Papers 120 through 196 where we translated Part IV into art.

   The Experiment hypothesized that if the global readership read together Part IV, we will be more united, have more in common, be more Jesus-oriented, be more ministry-oriented, and will attract and develop many new readers.  We further hypothesized that this new experiment, along with the annual united commemoration of The Remembrance Supper, will quicken the progress of our planet by developing a planet-wide spiritual brotherhood that will lead us more directly to light and life.

What We Learned from this Experiment

    For one, we learned that there is a growing number of brave souls in the Urantia Book readership who truly desire unity and who are willing to take steps to achieve it.  They participated in the Experiment individually and in small groups.  We hope some of them will write us and allow us to share their experiences on the site.

    We also learned that getting Urantia Book readers to work together as one united family will be slow going and will not be achieved in one experiment.  It will take patience, determination and creativity to see real unity.  Fortunately, we at TheChristExperiment are up for the challenge!

   Our small success with this Experiment has inspired us to restart the project of reading Part IV together, not as an experiment, but as a new Urantia tradition which we call “The Life and Teachings of Jesus (LTJ) Reading Program.”  This program will strengthen and deepen our own appreciation for the Master’s bestowal, and it will also be a great beginning program for new readers. 

    It is also in harmony with what the revelators desire for us, namely to establish rituals and traditions that can serve to bind us together. (UB 87:7.3) This new tradition, along with the annual commemoration of the Remembrance Supper instituted by Jesus, will do much to foster unity in the readership.  The LTJ program restarts on February 2, 2019, beginning with Paper 120.  The reading schedule can be found here. We hope you participate with us.

    The Experiment also inspired us to develop TheChristExperiment’s School of Evangelists that starts on May 1, 2019 and the new Uniting Urantia App.

    Overall, we view Experiment No. 8 as an important step toward unity, but we have a long way to go.  Currently, the Urantia community is like 10 men pulling a heavy weight.  Now, we need to learn to pull together at the same time. (UB 81:6.37)

  Your Family in the Faith, 


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