Experiment No. 8


-- What Others Are Saying --




We just wanted to share this brief update on Experiment No. 8, The Planet-wide Unity Initiative. 


We are learning that many who are getting together to read Part IV of The Urantia Book are experiencing a spiritual influence they are not used to.  They are enjoying it, but do not fully understand it. 


What these individuals are experiencing is the Spirit of Truth. It is new to them because they had not heretofore focused on the life and teachings of Jesus.  They may have had an academic or historical understanding of Jesus, and some may have read Part IV before, but not with a whole mind and heart directed toward understanding his message and bestowal mission. And thus, because the Spirit of Truth IS the spirit of the Creator Son, unless they have become Jesus-oriented, they would not have truly experienced the Spirit of Truth.  


These individuals may have experienced the spirit of knowledge, the spirit of understanding, the spirit of wisdom, and the spirit of worship, but without an appreciation of Jesus, they have not fully experienced the Spirit of Truth.  


This time, because they are truly ‘gathering together in his name,’ Jesus is therefore present, by means of the Spirit of Truth.  And the Spirit of Truth is bearing witness with the indwelling spirit of the Father, confirming their sonship and inspiring them to sincere brotherly love.  You might say, they are having their "Pentecost moment." 


This is just the kind of spiritual advancement we hoped would develop out of this experiment.  And it is just beginning!



July 14, 2017 - Long Beach, California 


Good Afternoon dear friends, I just want to say that we really enjoy getting together with friends all of whom are still [Jehovah’s’ Witnesses] going over the weekly paper and to a person each one says this would fundamentally change the Organization overnight if this was part of the curriculum for the brothers and sisters. It's so thorough compared to the Bible, for us it's hard to read just the Bible because we know there's more to the story. So we thank God for your forward thinking spiritual insight and continue to pray for the whole Association of UB readership. The concepts of the UB has to become known worldwide!! God bless!


July 11, 2017 - South Africa


This is just to let you know, after the first week of the PUI initiative, that I am totally on board with the rest of you. I trust that this endeavor is going to be richly rewarding for so many, and I pray that our broader Urantia Community will really reap a conjoint benefit from reading through the Jesus Papers, and that somehow, eventually we will all be gathered together under one Urantia Umbrella.


July 10, 2017 - New York, New York


Hello faith Sons of God, we are having the time of our lives these last two weeks discussing the UB papers together. From 18 the first week to 34 the 2nd week. Skies the limit on how many will join in but whatever happens, we will make provisions. I hope everyone takes advantage of this unity opportunity and starts coming together to set an example of what it means to be disciples of Jesus, and be a bunch of folks showing love toward one another. So this is our prayer "that every lover of God unite for the purpose of solidarity."  Love you all. May God bless your efforts!



July 5, 2017 - Australia


Hi, we know it is only early for this experiment but really wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with ancipation that this PUI reading experiment will generate. So in answer to your questions.


1. Do you believe the experiment will foster unity?  Why or why not?

Yes my husband and I are united in this quest of unity, we certainly believe that this simple idea of reading the Urantia Papers together can be built upon for unity. Why not start in the most simplest and unobtrusive manner.

2. Are you willing consistently participate?

Yes we will participate each week. In fact, we watched the video on our TV and both of us kept saying how wonderful to enjoy Part 4 of the book in this way. We paused at certain points to discuss the reading. It was excellent and look forward to each week with the release of your videos. We love this idea.

3. Did the experiment give you a feeling of community?

Yes again. As we contemplated watching a video together we imagined others doing the same, where ever they are in the world and could only say how lovely it would be to have our Lord and Master discussed in homes with friends and family every week.

4. Were you able to develop new friendships?

5. Did your ministry expand?

6. Did the experiment change your spiritual outlook or your goals?

At this stage it is to early in the experiment, we have not as yet developed new friendships but by January 2019 at the end of the experiment we hope to have reached out to many.

We just wanted to let you know of our personal excitement in this Unity Initiative and hope and pray that many, many brothers and sisters will develop this experiment. This could lead to a quickening in bringing this planet to peace. Thankyou so much for the work you all do at The Christ Experiment. Much appreciated.


July 3, 2017 - Los Angeles, California


Hello! We just want to let you know that we started the reading on the PUI today. We watched the video of Paper 120 on our TV and we had our UB’s out. When an interesting point was mentioned, we stopped the video and discussed it. Sometimes we referred back to the book rather than rewind. What’s so wonderful is that we have read paper 120 many times, but this time, we took our time and discussed it in detail. There were so many new ideas that sparked great conversation and, as you say, contemplation. And we wondered how many other people are also reading this paper tonight. This is going to be fun and very informative.


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