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IM.02 What is the Idealogical Struggle?

A fresh perspective on what is likely meant by “the ideological struggle”

we are living through, as referenced in the Publication Mandate. 

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March 18, 2020

Rockmart, GA, USA

Hello- I tend to agree! People who are "on fire" to shout about The Urantia Book from the rooftops are ignoring some of the basic lessons that are in the Book itself. "Jesus was never in a hurry" and the entire 2nd Epochal Revelation is about Patience. If Adam and Eve had steeled themselves with Patience, like Van and Amadon did (40 years!!), they would have eventually won. I can see how insidious and seductive Calagastia was. But, the watchword for that entire set of papers is Patience. "Impatience is a spirit poison" is another apt phrase from the Papers.


Thus, we must also prepare others for carrying this forth beyond our generation. It's like the man who plants the slow-growing oak. He knows he will not get to enjoy it's shade within his lifetime. He thinks of planting it for others in the future.