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Student Reviews of Series 202

Illuminating The Good News - Illuminating Jesus' Teaching

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March 21, 2020 by Geri J

Love the thought of highlighting to others that we are already 'saved' and have everlasting life now.   Especially liked how the examples of how to share the concept with others.  It would not have been the first place I would go with someone, yet the fear of not being saved is likely large in the lives of others.


October 08, 2019 - James L                                                                       

I greatly appreciate The Christ Experiments and The School of Evangelist for creating this program. I am always looking for ways to extend my understanding of The Urantia Book and these lessons provide a filling in of gaps in our (or I should say my...) understanding between the biblical words and the UB teachings, especially of Part IV. I look forward to further adventures in study.... Thanks.        


September 27, 2019 - Line S                                                                                   

The course is so well presented. You have so much experience on how to approach people and leave with them thought gems.

September 15, 2019 - Cheryl P                                                           

All these classes are really thought provoking and allow us to think on different subjects and how Jesus taught.

August 29, 2019 - Gaetan C                                                                                                           I really loved this lesson, it has helped me focus more on the good news that Jesus as announced to us. I certainly will help me share with others this great truth of our sonship with God and the brotherhood of men.

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