2017 Reports Received Across the Globe.

This does not represent the total number of Faith Sons who participated.

Just those who sent their experience.


April 6, 2017 - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hello our dear brother and sister, we just completed the first of three Suppers for tonight, this being the smaller of the three events, having roughly 345 in attendance because these are the newbies in the [recovery] program. But they are the most inspirational ones to us because it's most of these guys’ first time partaking of the emblems and, coming from every type of background imaginable, warms our hearts. To know they are in Union with Christ and are getting off the streets to start a new life takes us always back to our beginning in LA with you, something that will never leave our minds. Like then, the same things happened here where there was joyful tears all around. Well we've got to get ready for the next group now taking there seats, so once again thank you and God Saves.  P.S. tell mama fingers and the rest of your crew we love you all!!


April 6, 2017 - Arlington, Texas

Jesus All Day! Hello family, It's so good to speak to you this evening because it's been a marvelous day and an even better night! This year we went the more intimate route where we did about 37 individual homes of about 15-20 max to commemorate the Evening Meal in different ways but all keeping to the Sacredness of his LIFE and his Courageous DEATH. Where I am, we read the entire paper 179 that spilled into 180. I guess the spirit had other plans for us and said we needed more, but whatever the reason we are all much better for it. Great suggestion in having the Supper on the 6th and I know next year will be maybe 60 homes. Well a girl can dream right! Lol! We love you guys so much. Please be well. God bless you all!


April 7, 2017 - Sweden

I was alone for the Remembrance Supper. It was 2 years ago since last one. I still have my doubts as to whether I’m worthy or not.  But it felt really good. One could say I have experience as a solitary messenger!  Tonight my condolences go to the victims of the terrorist attack in Stockholm, the capital where I was once born!  Take care.


April 7, 2017 - New York, New York

Greetings to one and all. We had such a wonderfully spirit backed and spirit inspired evening last night and all of today. We've been sharing experiences one after another from many of the new partakers from last night, of which there were 16 and 9 from local congregations. And the others were from our own family who flew in town just for the special occasion. So in attendance we stayed small and intimate with 41. We read articles and watched videos and then after a meal and then the prayers and emblems, we answered questions regarding the Urantia Book’s authenticity. And the greatest answer kept coming in the same way "who ever wrote it is giving me goosebumps" or "its bearing witness with me." So instead of the deep complicated answers, it seems to always boil down to the SPIRIT BEARING WITNESS! We pray all of you and the brotherhood around the world had awe inspiring evenings that will lead to an even more productive year of helping the Angels do their tireless non stop work.  As things develop with these newly inducted into the Kingdom of Forever, as one elderly sister coins it, we will keep you friends updated. So may both the Father and the Son bless each sincere heart thirsting for truth and may they continue blessing the work you friends continue to do. With love, your brother and sister.


April 7, 2017 - Boulder, Colorado

We had a very special Remembrance Supper experience in Boulder, Colorado with 13 guests, 12 for the supper and another guest who arrived just in time for the ceremony (1 had to leave beforehand) so we had 12 there for our circle of sharing the Master's Ministry - the wine & bread & our program of remembering Jesus. It was a very special night of unity and solidarity, as well as special the fellowship of sharing our sense of our love for each other in that close extended family. Some of us have been friends and family for decades (and lifetimes) and some of us are new to this community but we all opened up and shared personal and meaningful moments as well as good food, good wine and warm intimacy. It was a wonderful evening. We will continue to do it more often. It always feel good to come together to reaffirm our love for our Master and one another.


April 8, 2017 - Ste-Sophie, QC Canada

Dear brothers and sisters in faith, A candle placed in the center of the table served as the luminous presence of the Master’s spirit. While in a spirit of reverence and sharing, nine students of the Urantia Book gathered to commemorate Jesus' Last Supper.  Selected texts from paper 179 were read and commented abundantly and we exchanged on the aspects of Jesus' personality that impressed us the most. We ate the bread and drank the wine as Jesus and the apostles did. What a magnificent moment of brotherhood, feeling our spiritual bond stronger, combined with the Master's Spirit, has been offered to us. From now on, this new experience will be repeated in our home every April 6. 


April 8, 2017 - Ste-Lucie, QC Canada

My dear friends, Here is another testimony of the Remembrance Supper that was made on Thursday, April 6. Because the weather did not allow this man gather with us, he decided to celebrate this special moment with his spouse.  Thank you for inspiring me again and again. Your angels are really proud of you and the work that you accomplish! 


“What a great moment! My spouse and I have started reading at 7PM, at the table decorated with a candle, a basket of bread and some wine, in an ambiance of meditation and quietness.  We gradually read paper 179, peacefully, while we stopped to exchange on points that were calling us:

•    The spirit of service, demonstrated by Jesus, that we try to repeat in our lives. 
•    The sense of humility and simplicity, which is so great in our values.
•    Protect against ‘’ How deceitful is the intellectual pride that precedes the spiritual downfall!’’ 179:4.2 ‘’
•    "The power of truth might triumph over the deceptions of evil, but such victories are not won without the faith of the sincere love of truth’’ 179:4.5 reflecting the importance of the truth in our personnel and in our couple’s life.
•    The cup of my remembrance, the bread of remembrance ‘’ I am the bread of life, the united life of the Father and the Son in one gift ‘’. 179:5.3 This message seems so much more significant and penetrating than ‘’This is my body ‘’used by the priest during the mass. 

“A great moment, where time slipped in the gentleness of heart, an experience that we want to repeat next year, which is already programmed. The weather that prevented me to meet with all of you in Ste-Sophie, gave us a memorable moment. In addition, the wine that was bought spontaneously Wednesday was . . . (Plan de Dieu, Côtes du Rhône village)’’from the French (God’s plan)!! such a plan indeed! Thank you to encourage these moments!


April 9, 2017 - Québec City, QC Canada    


Thursday, April 6, 2017, we accepted to host a small group of friends at home to commemorate this event that is the last supper, knowing that across the globe, numbers of people were sharing that same symbolic [meal], recalling the life of Jesus (Michael).  For me, His example of life, to do the Will of God is worth all the books that wants to teach us the good and the right way to go on and carry out our destiny. Seven students of The Urantia Book gathered at our dining table, simply enjoying a meal after reading Paper 179, describing the last supper of Jesus on earth.  It was a first for us to come together as so and our intent is to reiterate the experience. Maybe not necessarily in the same way, not necessarily with the same people, but to keep alive to our human mind those images and thoughts that Christ Michael willingly gave us. We all raised our glasses in His honor and to all our spiritual friends present. I am truly grateful to receive so many blessings and I wish to perpetuate this grace and meet every year and perhaps, one day this tradition will perpetuate itself forever.  We had thought of taking a few snapshots as it was suggested, but the intensity and seriousness of our 5 hours of sharing, love and profound discussion made us forget.


April 9, 2017 – San Juan Capistrano, California

[I see that you posted the experience of a UBLA study group who observed the Remembrance Supper together.]  I also did so, on my own. I thank you and your collaborators for the initiative taken to make this happen.  Let's do your best to see that it continues to be an annual practice from now on. Faithfully yours.


April 9, 2017 - California

What a great night!  Because of where we live, my wife and I were able to have our Remembrance Supper outside under the stars.  Since we both were fighting a cold and not very hungry, we just had some wine and crackers outside with us.  After we drank some wine, we each said a prayer to the heavens explaining what the wine meant to us. We both highlighted the ‘new dispensation’ and the opportunity for a fresh start every time we partake of this meal.  Then we ate some crackers and each explained to the heavens in prayer what the ‘bread’ meant to us. This was much more lengthy as we talked about the bread of life, the fraternizing of the Father fragment and the Son’s spirit, and our privilege to witness this divine communion.  And we imagined just as we were staring into the heavens, those in the heavens were looking in on us and all who were commemorating tonight. Surely the angels were singing!  God bless the whole association of brothers who chose to remember our Sovereign together in consecrated unity on this night!


April 9, 2017 –  Australia

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening together in commemorating the Lord's Supper on April 6th.   What an excellent idea in promoting unity worldwide, beginning with the Urantia Book readers knowing what they know of the exact date.  We enjoyed a light meal sipping our grape juice and bread along with our meal, discussing our wonderful teacher, Jesus.  Then we sat in the loungeroom to watch the video you prepared on Paper 179, the Last Supper.  It was an inspiring occasion and we decided then and there to do this at least once a month to bring our Master closer to us and show our appreciation.  Thank you for this suggestion and we are sure the heavens rejoiced to see so many unite this special night.


April 9, 2017 - Anaheim, California

Our Thursday night study group in Anaheim viewed and listened to the narrated version of  “the Last Supper” as you suggested.  We were all very moved.  Your treatment of those beautiful words is beyond impeccable.  Thank you so much. I am intrigued by your graphic interpretation of the book’s description of the breast plate of Machiventa.  Yours is certainly 3 concentric circles as opposed to 3 concentric rings.  Can you point out the actual description in the book? Thanks.

FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you so much for sharing your experience. About the concentric circles, see this brief article and this Question Answered. 


April 10, 2017 - Santa Cruz, California

Hello and G'Day! I am over joyed to report the great news here that a total of 18 young ones under the age of 21 partook of the glorious symbolic emblems and dear friends you could feel the presence of the new dispensation of the spirit of truth flowing in the building. These young ones come from 4 different circuits which means that Christ has his branches in 4 different circuits [of Jehovah’s Witnesses] to grow the brotherhood. It's difficult to write this brothers because the tears of excitement are wetting my IPad screen, but enough about me.  In total, there were 231  partakers on April 6th, another 18 on the 7th, and 1 precious soul 94 years young on the 8th. So I suggest if you’re  driving through Santa Cruz, roll down the window and take a deep breath and grab as much spirit in the air.  JWs might as well say "WE GIVE UP" and just drop off the keys to Warwick [their new headquarters] because our Master Son will not be denied, God's will be done!! Look friends, I've got so much to do today, I'd better stop here, but I'll be back with more good news. So until then, we love you and we send our love to the entire association of UB brothers, JW brothers, and to all Christians the world over. God bless. April 6 brilliant, just brilliant!!!


April 11, 2017 - Atlanta, Georgia

Good morning to you all, thank you for suggesting the UB’s discover date [April 6th] of this most important occasion. My family and I were joined by over 30 partakers in our home but there were several other homes that had between 20-40 observing the Evening Meal.  It was so helpful also to have the countdown because it built up the anticipation to new heights. So we all enjoyed that and we basically all agreed to keep the Evening simple but classy out of respect for our loving Master Son.  All throughout the night, we shared experiences one more thrilling than the one just given which had the room laughing and crying at the same time. [Another brother] flew in town with 2 other brothers to share the inaugural Supper and he sends his love and greetings to everyone, especially his dear friend who is a walking talking fire starter. His conversations with me still inspire me even today. So dear brother, we continue to pray for you and [our sister] that our Father continue to lift up your arms with strength to keep doing what you’re  doing. The entire association of brothers in Reno, Nevada, had their Supper on the 6th also, so I haven't a clue who going tonight [with the JW’s].  Oh well! Anyway, more and more are finding the Urantia Book very interesting to say the least. Some are slow in acceptance, others dive right in with almost a "I knew it" attitude, so we are enjoying the ministry. It’s wonderful to direct people straight to Jesus. I just realized I'm just rambling on and on so in closing, let me say from all of us to you friends and the brotherhood around the world, we love you and we will see you friends shortly in one of the many rooms in the Father’s house. God be with you and the spirit you show!


April 12, 2017 - Long Beach, California

Hello dear friends, oh my, my, my, what a difference a Supper makes!  Last night [at the JW Memorial] was so lacking in feeling and understanding that it actually made me weep deeply with two emotions battling side by side. It was shame and gratefulness. Shame for the years of not accepting the invitation to be a Son of God and by faith be admitted into the Kingdom, and I'm also so very grateful I was invited to go on a shepherding call [a few years ago] where I had intended to readjust this brother but to my shock and awe, he opened my eyes my mind my heart soul to the point where the spirit of truth could flow freely and this time I was more than willing to listen. But let's return to the sham that is the Memorial as conducted by JWs, the dishonor this is to the Heavenly Father and his Son Christ Jesus and also the dishonor it bestows on all who through their deception won't go near the emblems and miss out on accepting the invite to sonship. But thank God I had a beautiful Remembrance Supper days earlier on April 6th with my wife and 8 other partakers where we had a meal, then we talked for a bit, then we prayed and partook of the emblems. Such a wonderfully glorious feeling to have the unity in fellowship with brothers and sisters whose hope it is to see God face to face in the only Paradise there is and will ever be! I have a personal testimony that will last forever and so now my mission in life is to help anyone I can to open their eyes to Christ or should I say the TRUTH of the real hope for all of mankind. So dear, dear friends, thank you for your hard work that definitely has God’s blessings upon it, so may all of you stay well in your faith. God bless. Can't wait for next year Remembrance!!  


April 12, 2017 - Boston, Massachusetts

The Remembrance Supper turned out to be quite lovely. It poured heavy rain with some lightning and thunder. This was a very special occasion.  We had a small group of three, myself, my wife and a fellow faith son.  Some of you may be familiar with our sister site AnointedJW. In September of 2014 an article was published “I Still Love My Wife.” In that article it was disclosed that my wife had not come to the point of accepting her anointing as a faith son with the heavenly hope.  After a long period of patient ministering to her and many prayers in her behalf by myself and many friends she made the decision that this was the year she was going to participate in the Remembrance Supper as evidence of her acceptance of sonship and the heavenly hope.  We first enjoyed a typical Irish dinner of corned beef and cabbage.  We enjoyed some pleasant music playing in the background. After a delicious dinner, we transitioned into the Remembrance Supper. I poured some wine and brought out a plate of crackers and we partook at our leisure while discussing the beauties of Jesus life in contrast to the emphasis placed on his death that we were accustomed to hearing in the past.  We drew attention to having our own spirit witness the fraternizing of the Father & Sons spirit.  After the Remembrance Supper, we had a little dessert to conclude the evening.  What a lovely commemoration it proved to be, knowing we were also in association with brothers and sisters throughout the world gathered together to honor our Sovereign Creator Michael.


April 13, 2017 - Monterrey, Mexico

Dear Friend and Brother, as well the brotherhood, I'm still here my brother staying very busy in Monterrey where the fields are ripe with souls for the Kingdom. So if anyone get bored in the States, please come on down, we could use the help. This year because of the Special date of April the 6th, I decided to have an intimate evening with just my family and I'm so glad I did because we were able to speak much more candid, so the expressions came pouring out of my children to the point where me and my wife started crying inconsolable and I didn't mind. You see, I knew my boys loved Jesus but I didn't realize the degree that they adored the Christ so that was a beautiful thing. We read the paper in the UB paper 179 and it really made the night come alive and gives such new meanings for the emblems which are so so different from the biblical account. And especially since we've come to understand the truth about the Ransom, so it was so refreshing to honor Jesus the right way. Family and friends are having their Lord’s Supper it's seems everywhere in our city so we are proudly representing the Kingdom of God. I know you had been sick so we have mentioned you in our prayers along with any of our brothers that might be sick or going through hard times. Please tell [your wife] we love her and hope to meet her either on this side of life or for sure on the other side in heaven. So take of yourselves and thank you for turning my life around my friend. Sometimes I think back and can't even imagine that was me living that way, but it just goes to show the power of the spirit so thank you. So take good care and I'll check back in a few months. Love and peace to all, bye for now.


April 15, 2017 - Reno, Nevada

Hi everyone, sorry it took so long to check in with you friends, especially after reading all the wonderfully encouraging emails. We've been so busy since the 6th. It seems to us that our Lord said after we had concluded our meal last Thursday that "it's not over, I have other sheep that are knocking and knocking hard!" So every day since, we've had the Remembrance Supper. Now I realize the scripture says "as often as you come together" but this was a bit much for a couple of senior citizens (haha). Seriously friends, we've felt the Holy Spirit like never before and it's been so gratifying for myself and my wife and also for Brother S’s family. We did as suggested and discussed paper 179 chapter 5 and what's so interesting is that we all got something new from the information. And let me just say for anyone who’s hesitant about reading the Urantia Book or afraid to admit you read it, you are only limiting yourself because you’re not letting the Spirit of Truth work with your spirit. Our lives are forever changed for the better since opening this gift. So enough preaching, I guess you’re wondering how many gained entrance into the Kingdom and openly confessed Union with Christ. Well the congregation here (you know the one I'm referring to) had 189 who partook out of a possible 202 in attendance. Remember too that so many from the brotherhood have moved all around the Country to assist the "many to take life's water free." But the great news doesn't end there because the following 7 days have been nothing short of a miracle. We've had JWs, Pentecostals, Mormons and Catholics all desiring to have a share just to show UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY."  So throughout the week, another 163 partook of the emblems and watched the video on the Supper (#179). So we met up with these zealous brothers at a community center because of it’s prime location because at first we went over Brother S’s house but it got to be too much traffic, so this arrangement worked out much better. And other than that, not much is happening. Dear friends, I can't wait until next year’s Remembrance Supper because I just know it's going to be even more thrilling if that’s possible. We love everybody and everything that God loves. Hello Zee and the rest of the Unit (I love that). Keep the faith and keep bringing the spiritual food because we've got plenty of mouths to feed! Please be well and as we pray for you, throw a word or two for us. Oh How Sweet it Is To Live in the Fathers House!!



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