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2019 Reports Received Across the Globe.

This does not represent the total number of Faith Sons who participated.

Just the number who sent their experience.

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Quebec, Canada

Line St Pierre

This year on April 6, I was not home in Ste-Sophie Québec to invite people of my study group to share the remembrance supper, I was facilitating a women’s retreat in New Mexico and with my three other sisters we decided that we would take advantage of the occasion to introduce this event to other attendees.

We were thirteen women in a beautiful environment surrounded by mountains. A calm atmosphere was created in this lovely dining room where everyone had been served with a small glass of wine and a cracker. Carrie spoke how Jesus tasted, touched and smelled the food, listened to his friends talk, and gazed lovingly at them, he experienced the same things we experience as we celebrate this remembrance supper.

This is an amazing gift for us to know that the Creator of our universe was fully human and truly has walked with us. We all took our glass and lifted it up in his honour; afterwards we shared about what we thought was Jesus most impressive quality for each one of us. The dinner went on with lively discussions and joy remained in our hearts until bedtime.



San Antonio, Texas USA

Pat Long

On the evening of April 6, 2019 eight of us in San Antonio met to remember the last Passover meal that Jesus celebrated with his apostles. My daughter Cindy opened her house and prepared a lovely meal to share together. We had planned to show the Video to all on the large TV, but could not get technical difficulties cleared up, so after our meal Katrina read some beautifully prepared comments explaining our reason for meeting together on this date, after which small cups of beverage were passed around to all who wished to partake (not all were Urantia Book students). When we were finished everyone expressed their appreciation. This marks just the 3rd year I have commemorated the Remembrance Supper. The 1st I celebrated alone, the 2nd year three were present and this year eight so hope our local family will grow with each year and even more will enjoy meeting together for this joyful occasion.


Midland, TX

Cheryl and Robert Phillips

Hello dear friends, I wanted to give you our experience for this year. We have a UB new readers group and I sent a notice out to our regular attendees with a copy of the note you sent out. I only heard back from one person who was very excited and although she has been a reader for awhile, this is the first she had heard about the worldwide Supper so I feel she will be a regular attendee although I will have to check to see if anyone of them commemorated it. I did tell them that it was perfectly ok to do it in private and alone.


For myself, I invited my husband to join me again which he agreed. He was used to going to the Memorial every year and I think he misses that, so he is definitely open to this every year. The sun sets so late here in Texas so we had our dinner at our regular time of 5 pm and about 8 pm I fixed us some sparkling cider, cheese, and smoked salmon. I asked him if he would like to say a prayer before we started and he accepted. Then we sat together and watched the Paper 179 video on the TV screen which worked perfectly this year.


When it was over I asked him if he had any questions or did he notice anything different from what he was used to. He wasn't sure, but I explained about the atonement doctrine and Jesus did not have to die the death he did, that God would have never asked his son to be a ransom to replace Adam anymore than we would ask our children to give up their life for someone else. He listened respectfully and we talked about the love of God versus the fear of God. It was a wonderful conversation and then we ended our service. It is always so wonderful to reflect on Jesus' life in the flesh. He handled himself with such grace and courage, totally knowing that physical pain was going to be just temporary and then he would be back to show hisself to his apostles so that they, and all of us, would KNOW the truth of his words. We are eternal if we want to be! In deepest gratitude and affection.




Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bart Gibbons

Social Chairman

Urantia Book Society of Oklahoma


The Urantia Book Society of Oklahoma celebrated the Annual Remembrance Supper on April 6th, 2019 at the Cous Cous cafe in Oklahoma City. Sixteen members enjoyed Moroccan and Mediterranean fare, and drank a cup in remembrance of Jesus's bestowal, and of the "blessing of a new dispensation of grace and truth" 179:5.1. It was a splendid evening for all! Thank you so much!



Boston, Massachusetts

Don Clementin

Our group of six gathered in our small apartment in Boston for the Remembrance Supper. We started with a delicious dinner. Afterward we put on the Remebrance Supper video from the TCE website pausing to partake of the wine & bread at the point in the video where Jesus introduced the emblems. We all felt a special connection with one another and with our heavenly Father and our brother Jesus. We concluded the evening with a light dessert. A superb evening it was!



Boulder, Colorado

Christilyn Larson

Nine friends and family gathered at Joan Biek Evan's Condo in Boulder, Colorado, to celebrate the annual Remembrance Supper together (amongst the several others who met separately in their own homes) and we had a joyous and worshipful experience. After our meal, we participated in reading the Last Supper portion from the Urantia Book, drank a cup of the remembrance and ate a piece of bread of life signifying the gift of the Father & Son together. We prayed together and then discussed the blessings of the meaning of the Master Son & Creator Son & Spirit of Truth on our world and in our universe. We spent about 3 hours together dining and socializing and sharing the best parts of this message as it related in our lives. Two of our guests were there for the first time and were very moved by participating with us. 


One of the things we always realize whenever we gather to share a meal in the Masters name is that the spiritual flavor of our social experience is always so special, valuable and intimate. We wish we did this more often and would make the effort to share it more assertively with more of our fellows. This is such an easy an effective way to spread the love and the gospel... it is clear why the Master asked us to do this in Remembrance of him. It is a universally human way to tangibly share love. 



Reunion Island

Samuel Heine


I too grew up in the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization.  My father was anointed members and participated in the commemoration every year (Hebrews 10:14). It is in memory of this moment of communion that I spent in consciousness of being this day of April 6 with Jesus and our Father.




Chatsworth, California 

Zshonette Reed


Rather than gather together with family and friends this year, I chose to commemorate alone.  It’s hard to explain, but I really wanted to have this supper with just me and Michael. I needed the solemnity and contemplativeness of a solo supper. I also want to share the experiences with so many of our brothers and sisters who likewise commemorate alone, and not by choice.  A special shout out to my sister in France who is also going solo tonight.  


For me, this proved to be truly fulfilling and just what the doctor ordered.  I am enthused and empowered and strengthened to continue this ministry.  As a unit, we will be meeting together on line tomorrow to discuss our suppers and make our unity plans for the future.  And I will also be commemorating another Remembrance Supper on Good Friday with the church I visit. So the occasion continues for me.  


I’ve received word from several other readers that they will also be commemorating tonight and  I hope they choose to share their experiences as we make our mark for future generations. 



Barrhead, Alberta Canada

Don Beauchamp


CHEERS! to you on Remembrance Supper 2019 (Sat.April 6th).  All continuing success to Don and Jeanette (and Aussie friends) for the marvelous outreach that is The Christ Experiment. I am a Canadian home-based music producer/publisher and UBook reader since 1973 (I started VERY young)(smiles). I do so appreciate your project's media-savvy approach to sharing the 5th Epochal Revelation with Christian and emerging Christian groups and all other diverse truth-seekers worldwide. I am happy to be participating tonight in the Remembrance Supper 2019.


My personal thoughts of brother&sister unity will be focused tonight toward the day when new original songbooks for praise&worship events and services will be shared globally. This creative songwriting will necessarily contain enhanced  Fifth Epochal Revelation's key concepts and thought-gems as revealed in our BigBlueBook. To this end, Don and Jeanette, tomorrow I mark my own "Day 1" of a personal musicmedia project-ministry.


Thank you for taking the time for reading this, as we all seat ourselves around  the Master's virtual table together on this special night. We are eager to hear that recognizable voice offer His suggestions and commissions to spread the Good News.




Tasmania, Australia 

Andy and Janet Wilson

After watching the video for Paper 180 The Farewell Discourse we could understand how Jesus truly demonstrated the ultimate love that we need to have for one another. As we are recipients and givers of love, we open the channels for the Spirit of Truth to bring about a unity of such grandeur that truly brings us together with the Father, Michael and the Divine Minister. 


We celebrated the Remembrance Supper for 2019 happily knowing that our Celestial family, and our Sovereign Michael were with us along with our brothers and sisters around the world, unified in one purpose.  


We look forward to the year's activity of progressively increasing in the ministry of Michael and service in the Father's business.


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