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2020 Reports Received Across the Globe.

     If you participated, or plan to participate, in this year’s Remembrance Supper, share your experience with us.  Your experience will motivate others to participate in this most important event and will serve as a history of how this Urantia Tradition began. 

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2020 Reports Received Across the Globe.

This does not represent the total number of Faith Sons who participated.

Just the number who sent their experience.



Nova Iguaçu, Brasil

Jose Carlos Cardoso Motta

Number of Participants: 3


South Bend, Indiana, USA

Susan Lyon

Number of Participants: 2

We attended an online zoom meeting via Urantia University and over 40 people attended, sharing the  Remembrance Supper and selected readings, as well as offering memories of Steve Dreier, and others who have recently passed away.


Barrhead, Alberta, Canada

Donald John Beauchamp

Number of Participants: 20-30

This was certainly my first ZOOM virtual Remembrance Supper with many in attendance, and hosted by the UUI Cafe. Reading the Last Supper Urantia Book narrative was beautifully read aloud by Elizabeth Callahan and Andre Radatus, who hosted we 20-30 attendees tonight. As many of us recalled the storied life of the Master, we also shared personal stories related to a wonderful associate and friend Mr. Stephen Dreier. He had graduated to the mansion worlds a couple of nights ago and is missed by family and longtime friends. Personally, I felt a true loving presence tonight of the Master's spirit. He not only showed up, like He promised "wherever two or three" of us gathered in His name, but consoled us by revealing His sympathy and love to us in our grief He left us changed for the better, as He passed by. And so it goes...


Tasmania, Australia

Andrew and Janet Wilson

Number of Participants: 7

After watching the video of Paper 179 The Last Supper we joined with our dear  brothers and sisters from the other side of the world to celebrate the Remembrance  Supper.  The occasion  was heartfelt and spirit led, a real blessing to know we are united in remembering our Master.  


Moorpark, California, USA

Zshonette Reed

Number of Participants: 7

We had a great Remembrance Supper on Zoom with just 7 people from Tasmania, Australia, Moorpark California, and Boston, Mass. We each spoke about what the bread and the cup mean to us personally and we learned a lot about each other. I feel like we all drew much closer from sharing this supper.


LaFayette, Boulder, Colorado

Christilyn Biek Larson

Andre read the section of paper on the Last Supper. People were told ahead of time to bring bread or crackers and wine or juice to the ceremony and we participated in the ceremony on ZOOM while Andre read the section and some additional cross references.  Afterwards we were asked to raise our hands and share our thoughts about the master and then remembrances of our friend Steve Dreier, because he just passed the night before of the Corona. And others whom we had recently lost. In my case I took the chance to remember my mom who was the most Jesusonian person I'd known. But all together it was the most meaningful remembrance supper I recall ever sharing as a community! So poignant and emotional and meaningful because we were all each sequestered and we were all sharing a deep remembrance of the master and our friends whom we had lost and we have lost SO MANY this year already even before this pandemic has hit us!!! Our hearts are reeling, perhaps this shall be the impetus we need to begin to get moving.



Ste-Sophie, Canada

Line St-Pierre

Number of Participants: 13

For the fourth time, our study group gathered for the Remembrance supper but  this time virtually. Everyone was ready in their homes waiting to share this  precious time that we were going to have. I had lighted a candle in front of us,  and we began by a silent moment of prayer in which we invited our brother father Jesus Michael. It’s in a solemn atmosphere that in turn, the thirteen of us  read paper 179 and shared the bread and wine when we came to these paragraphs. What followed was sharing with a great feeling of brotherhood and  love and a greater recognition of our Master Jesus. One participant said she felt something like she never felted before, such a blessing. Grateful for the technology that allows us to keep in touch.


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