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2021 Reports Received Across the Globe.

     If you participated, or plan to participate, in this year’s Remembrance Supper, share your experience with us.  Your experience will motivate others to participate in this most important event and will serve as a history of how this Urantia Tradition began. 

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2021 Reports Received Across the Globe.

This does not represent the total number of Faith Sons who participated.

Just the number who sent their experience.


Share Your Experience HERE

Boston, Massachusetts
Eoin Clark

Tuesday April 6 was an extremely busy day for me. I was going, going, going from morning up until about 11:30 at night. Unfortunately, I was not able to share in the remember since supper with any friends but at the end of a very long day I sat at the table and ate dinner while listening to Paper 179 The Last Supper. I ate while listening to the events unfold and finished my meal at the perfect time to partake of the bread and wine right along with the reading. It was very simple but still carried every bit of meaning as if I was with my friends.


Southeast USA
Lea Fishburn

We began with Chuck having us read sections 2, 3 and 5 of paper 179, The Last Supper.  We had been advised ahead of time to have water, bread and wine (or substitutes) available for the service. At certain points during the service, we washed our feet, ate the bread and drank the wine at the appropriate parts of the recital. Chuck shared some of his thoughts with us, including his gratitude at being able to have this remembrance service.  I remember that every year at the Foundation building, The First Urantia Society would have a remembrance service with bread and grape juice.  There was no washing of feet there, but the rest was similar to what occurred last week.  Someone would read from paper 179 and at the appropriate time, the bread and "wine" was passed around for everyone.


Mount Shasta, CA

Ron Hammar


We listened to the reading of the Remembrance Supper and had a 10 min stillness after the reading, It seemed like it was that long. After that we talked about Events that we have had a part in which we shared how we felt that we were showing Jesus by words and actions to others over the year. Also I wrote a article in a church magazine. First time I had someone here with me for the Supper.



Barry Culligan

We ran a Remembrance Supper on March 27th, at 19:30 GMT. It ran for about 90 minutes. I hosted an informal, small gathering of believers during which time we reflected on the life and teachings of Jesus – beginning with reflections on the early life of the Master, moving to a deeper look at his Bar Mitzvah, on to explore his middle years, then the times of his public ministry, and on to the death and resurrection. 8 people attended the event. We opened event with a poem written by the facilitator, the middle phase saw one of the members lead us in a more meditative phase of reflective exploration and communion, and closed it with prayer. I have reached out to everyone for feedback on how the service can be improved and will endeavour to incorporate the insights acquired in the next event.


Tasmania, Australia

Janet and Andy Wilson

We had an enjoyable Remembrance Supper in our rendezvous with Michael.


Texas, USA

Cheryl Phillips

Hello Family!!  So glad to partake in the celebrations this year!! I decided last minute to host a zoom remembrance supper this morning. You know usually it is just me and Robert, my husband. Since I have been involved with the Progress Project, we were given everyone in the classes emails. So I sent invitations to all of them as well as my book study attendees. So I had 6+me=7 total. I played the beautiful song, Comfort me first, then started the Paper 179 special edition, then I ended with a youtube video I found of Psalms 118 sang beautifully in Hebrew. And that was our program.  Gale popped in also at the beginning to visit with us before she headed to Mo’s meeting and Christilyn popped in at the end after she finished her Remembrance Supper, so I won’t count them in the total but it was so nice to visit with them for a minute.

Thank you, as always, that you have provided so richly with these wonderful videos. I heard later from Vickie that she really enjoyed it and felt like she was THERE with the Master! Blessings to you all!


Quebec, Canada

Line St. Pierre

Although we, ten members of the Découverte study group, were looking forward to this event of the Remembrance Supper, the fifth one since its establishment in our group,it was with great sadness that we informed the participants of the sudden departure of a friend and member of our study group on the morning of April 6. With all the emotions that we felt from this shocking departure, we prayed to our master and brother Jesus and thanked him to comfort us and the members of the family in mourning. With great devotion, we read the texts associated with Jesus' last supper and together we communed with Him. His Spirit made us perceive beautiful meanings, and we exchanged at length about our love and gratitude for his coming to Urantia and his incomparable teachings showing us the way to live a full life in service to the brotherhood. One of the participants told us that she had read these passages before, but jokingly, as our late friend Eddy often said: ‘’this was not written in my book the last time I read it.’’ And that at this time, she was very touched by the insights she was experiencing.


LaFayette, Colorado

Christilyn and Steve Larson

Steve and I just finished our Remembrance Supper, and it was very sweet. Thanks for your input and continued promotion of this concept. Love U,


Moorpark, California

Zshonette Reed, Don and Rhonda Clementine

We had another wonder Remembrance Supper.  It was more casual than usual this year. We started by discussing how Jesus life and teachings affect our lives while we ate dinner.  Everyone shared their thoughts.  Then we read Paper 179 chapter 5 and even though we have read that part dozens of times, it had new meaning for all of us.  We were inspired to continue working hard in the Master’s Ministry, and we set a new goal for ourselves that we will revisit next year.  We are honored to be sharing this evening with our brothers around the world.