The Master's Ministry - The Remembrance Supper

Fostering Unity with Christ Michael

and with One Another 

January 1, 2017


     The Urantia community is undergoing a time of testing – testing our loyalty to the revelation, to the revelators, and to one another. The leadership has been given an opportunity to set things right and begin again, handling The Urantia Book (“UB”) in the way it was intended. We will have to wait to see whether they will act in a way that brings about real unity, or whether they will be content with mere cooperation.  In the meantime, the rest of us in the UB readership can do our part in finding ways to unite in spirit. One way is by gathering together and doing the one thing Jesus requested:


Jesus did not require of his followers that they should periodically assemble and recite a form of words indicative of their common beliefs. He only ordained that they should gather together to actually do something—partake of the communal supper of the remembrance of his bestowal life on Urantia.

(UB 99:5.10)


      According to the UB, Jesus was hung on a cross around 9:30 a.m. on April 7, A.D. 30, and died a little before 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. (UB 185:0.1, 187:3.1, 187:5.5) The night before, April 6, he instituted the communal supper referred to above which we now call “The Remembrance Supper.” While many UB readers set aside time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, the Remembrance Supper is the only ceremony or sacrament associated with his whole life mission that he expressly asked that we commemorate. (UB 179:5.4)


     Partaking of the Remembrance Supper without an appreciation of its significance can become perfunctory, being done merely out of obedience.  In truth, it is an opportunity to re-center our lives and re-focus our attention and become spirit conscious, knowing that Michael is actually present.


This supper of remembrance, when it is partaken of by those who are Son-believing and God-knowing, does not need to have associated with its symbolism any of man’s puerile misinterpretations regarding the meaning of the divine presence, for upon all such occasions the Master is really present. The remembrance supper is the believer’s symbolic rendezvous with Michael. When you become thus spirit-conscious, the Son is actually present, and his spirit fraternizes with the indwelling fragment of his Father.

(UB 179:5.6) 


      And in the same way he fostered unity with the original apostles by acting out ‘the parable of brotherly love,’ we can find ways to demonstrate brotherly love toward one another.


The atmosphere of the communion provides a refreshing and comforting period of truce in the conflict of the self-seeking ego with the altruistic urge of the indwelling spirit Monitor. And this is the prelude to true worship—the practice of the presence of God which eventuates in the emergence of the brotherhood of man.

(UB 103:4.1)

      This year, we encourage all UB readers to gather together in small intimate groups on April 6th of each year, after sundown, to re-enact the Remembrance Supper. To encourage participation, we have produced a 3-part video based on Papers 179, 180 and 181 of the UB, that bring the supper to life in a way that mere reading does not. And as you contemplate what occurred at the first Supper, may you be moved to act out ‘the parable of brotherly love,’ not by literally washing one another’s feet, but by washing away prejudices, judgments and past errors that have served to divide us.


      We hope all readers take the time to view the videos in preparation for the upcoming annual commemoration, and that you share them with family and friends to encourage them to commemorate with you.  The videos are published now to give you ample time to arrange your affairs so as to have a full share in the Supper this year.  


     How wonderful it would be if the UB community honored our Universe Sovereign with one beautifully united voice in the way he requested while on Urantia. If so, it will surely put us all in a loving frame of mind that will foster unity in other ways throughout the year.  The videos can be found here: The Remembrance Videos.  After the Supper, share your experiences with us for the Annual Remembrance Supper Yearbook. 


  Your Family in the Faith, 




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