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March 31, 2018

        On April 6, A.D. 30, Jesus instituted a communal supper with his twelve apostles in the upper room of a friend and asked that they continue to reenact this supper in remembrance of him. This supper became known as The Remembrance Supper and it is the only religious ritual Jesus ever instituted in his entire ministry. 


     Over the past two thousand years, the Supper has changed quite a bit from the humble communal meal Jesus instituted.  It has been combined with various pagan rituals and has taken on features that Jesus did not include in the original Supper. Sadly, throughout most of Christianity, the Remembrance Supper has taken a back seat to Easter, Christmas, Jesus’ birthday, and other man-instituted religious holidays. 


       Even the date of the Supper was lost in history and so it became one of the “moveable feasts” whose commemoration date changed from year to year depending on which Christian sect one belonged to. Now that we have The Urantia Book, the original date has been revealed allowing us to commemorate the Remembrance Supper on the actual anniversary of the original supper.


   In 2017, we, at TheChristExperiment.Org, began promoting an annual commemoration of the Remembrance Supper on its true anniversary date. We hoped it would unite the Urantia Book readership as a spiritual brotherhood honoring our Sovereign with one voice on the same day under one common ritual.

       Each year, we promote an annual Remembrance Supper on the anniversary of the original Supper.  We are hoping even more Urantia Book readers choose to join us in reenacting the Remembrance Supper in small groups around the world.  And we hope the number of those who participate in this new tradition will grow from year to year until the entire community is united.  Only a united Urantia Book community can make a real difference in the world and attract people of all walks of life to this glorious Revelation.


       We believe those who participate in the early establishment of the annual commemoration will be on the cutting edge of true spiritual unity and will be the foundation stones for forming a true united brotherhood that can pave the way toward light and life.


      In previous years, some of those who participated in the Supper sent us emails sharing their experience and we posted those experiences for the encouragement of our readers to show that unity is possible.  We archived those emails in our Remembrance Supper Yearbooks. (See below) 


        We are hoping more readers participate in the annual commemoration, and more readers write us to share their experiences of the evening, including, for example, how you arranged your supper, how you invited others to join you, how many showed up, and how the evening affected you and those in attendance.  These experiences will become part of the annual yearbooks. For reminders and suggestions on how to carry out your commemoration, please see our article Reminders for Commemorating the Remembrance Supper.        

         It is our hope that this annual commemoration will take hold in the Urantia Book community and become a major annual ritual that will bind the community as one voice for our Sovereign Christ Michael of Nebadon. We hope to show him that we all have been listening and taking his teachings to heart, that we deeply appreciate his life in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth, and that we are basking in this new dispensation of liberty and grace, no matter what conditions prevail in the world around us.

      Each year, we will chronicle the development of the Annual Remembrance Supper for the encouragement of the brotherhood, and for the sake of posterity, to document what this generation of Faith Sons has accomplished in our efforts to promote the agenda of our Master Son and Sovereign Christ Michael.

       In time, we will be able to look back and see how these small groups of readers began a tradition that we believe will eventually cover the entire world and will serve as a monument worthy of inclusion in the “exhibit panorama of Jerusem” (UB 46:5.23), or the “planetary memorials” that are updated from time to time to reflect the outstanding progress of a planet. (UB 46:5:27)

          So here’s to small beginnings and great accomplishments!  Please plan to join with us in the Annual Remembrance Supper, and don’t hesitate to share this article with others in your family and social groups.  And finally, please don’t forget to send us your experiences to include in the Annual Remembrance Supper Yearbook.


            We look forward to sharing with you in this year’s annual commemoration of the Remembrance Supper and being a part of the making of history by turning our fractured society into a united brotherhood of Faith Sons, all to the glory and our Sovereign Master Son, Christ Michael of Nebadon. 


  Your Family in the Faith, 


  Share Your Experience  




2017 Remembrance Supper Yearbook 

2018 Remembrance Supper Yearbook 

2019 Remembrance Supper Yearbook 

46:5.23 These seven circles are surrounded by the exhibit panorama of Jerusem, five thousand standard miles in circumference, which is devoted to the presentation of the advancing status of the peopled worlds of Satania and is constantly revised so as to truly represent up-to-date conditions on the individual planets. 

46:5.27 5 The circles of the ascending mortals. The central area of the circles of the ascending mortals is occupied by a group of 619 planetary memorials representative of the inhabited worlds of the system, and these structures periodically undergo extensive changes. It is the privilege of the mortals from each world to agree, from time to time, upon certain of the alterations or additions to their planetary memorials. Many changes are even now being made in the Urantia structures. 


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