June 18, 2014



    We thank all who have chosen to participate in The Christ Experiment.  However, we note that some responses have been rather lengthy.  In our Guidelines for Participating in the Experiment, we specifically request that our visitors not post lengthy treatises.  We believe brief and concise responses from the heart and spirit are best and are most likely to be read by others, and more accurately demonstrate the wisdom of the greatest teacher, Christ Jesus, who said so much in so few words.

  The Christ Experiment is intended to evoke a fresh response and critical thinking, not a recitation of scripture and lexicology or a regurgitation of old ideas that have been around for centuries. There are many, many websites that promote that kind of thinking and responses. We want to create something different.

   Here, we hope to inspire our audience to think outside the box and present new and modern ideas that will advance the cause of the Master in this 21st century and embolden others to take a firm hold on spiritual freedom and liberty, while at the same time continuing his life ministry of service to one another. Remember, you, too, are a child of God, indwelt by God’s spirit and led by the Spirit of Truth, just as were those in the 1st century, including Paul, Peter, James and John.

   Here, you do not need to bolster your views by relying on the authority of others. Your heart-felt, spirit-filled words have power and meaning and can inspire others. This is a unique site and we understand that it will take time for our audience to get a handle on what we are trying to accomplish, but this is our start.

  To any who have submitted lengthy responses, we encourage you to look again at the questions we posed and provide responses that directly address those questions in a concise, yet insightful manner. And we will do our part in future Experiments by limiting ourselves to 2 or 3 questions per experiment.

   Thank you again for your interest in The Christ Experiment and we hope you continue to visit.