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August 23, 1958 - January 17, 2018


February 17, 2018 - Sweden

Just wanted you to know how sorry I am for your loss of a brilliant life-partner.  Allen has given so much, not only to us but for many thousands around the world. It́s sad, at first I didńt know what to say. It felt unreal.  The loss of a life partner/family member is to some extent not real. It́s just that they have left their troubles behind and moved on. Take care.


February 5, 2018


Dearest Zshonette, Don, Andrew and Janet,

I was led to your website this evening by the Living and Loving Spirit... Our Father in Heaven. The recent passing of Jeffrey, whom, it is very apparent... you all love so very much... is gone from this world, but remains in your hearts and certain aspects of his presence and personality has been imprinted in your  minds and will be sensed and will be sensed by your souls forever.  I know you are all very strong and resilient human beings… and Faith Sons of God, but his loss must be unbearable at certain moments because he was so much a part of your lives and 'the Wonderful Ministry' you all are so dedicated to. As I have looked at his picture, I sense I knew him, although we have never met. That is, that I know of. His face, and 'spirit' seem so familiar to me. May this time of great loss also be a time of renewal, of healing and of inspiration. It is comforting to me to know that God is holding you all in the palm of His Hand, during this ‘humanly painful and difficult time in your lives.



February 4, 2018

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Jeffrey Allan. I have been a visitor to your Web sites for many years and have been both enlightened and transformed through the articles you publish. I appreciate the continued efforts your team has done to reach those searching for spiritual truth, especially to ones coming from a JW perspective. Jeffrey's memorial page is deeply touching and a beautiful read. My thoughts are with you individually and as a team as I am strengthened by your faith and hope. Please accept my deepest condolences and love.


February 2, 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters, May you know the peace and comfort this heartfelt thought impart, the ones we have are never gone, they live within our hearts, and in the pages written, and of course in the next life.  Loving thoughts to Allan.


January 30, 2018    

Hello. My English is not good, forgive me my dear brother in Christ. I found this page and I liked it.  I have not managed to see all the content. We are a group of Spanish speaking brothers of Christ dispersed around.  Many belong to the congregation [of Jehovah’s Witnesses], others have been expelled for defending the Good News. We wanted to express our great love for Brother Jeff Paul. As said in Philippians 1,8-10 Christ is our Witness of the love we feel for you. Thank you.


January 28, 2018

Dear brothers in Christ,
We share your sorrow about our brother Jeffrey and express our deep condolences to all of you, and especially his wife and family. -  2 Corinthians 1:3-5. May all the consolation of our Heavenly Father be with all of you. Sincerely and with Christian love.


From Hubert
January 22, 2018
With deep sorrow, I read that Allen passed away and I feel especially sorry because for weeks, I had in mind to write him and tell him about how I am. Now, unfortunately it is too late to tell him that personally. He was such a wonderful person, always honest, kind and considerate in his answers. He always went forward to fulfill his mission he recognized for himself. I’m still on your mailing list and read new articles and Emails from others. I also follow the PUI reading schedule and I’m glad and thankful that now my wife shares in it and also enjoys it. May God bless you to continue in your good work for the kingdom. Your brother.


From Ron Hammar
January 21, 2018

I am so sorry that this has happen to Jeffrey, I thought that it was all behind him. 'But we are not the kind with out hope.'  He will carry his Pins of Service that are given him from the Father with great honor. The one that will stand out above all will be the one for Urantia. As to his great work in the 'Age' of the Agondonter for bringing in so many Souls to be "Faith Sons of God" in this great time of change here on Urantia. A time that will be a "Once in an Eternity".  You are in my prayers.   Your Brother.


From Regent Lessard
January 20, 2018

I am greatly saddened to hear of the passing away of Brother Jeffery Allan. I wish to all family and friends of his, my sincere sympathy. For all Son's of God members of the first fruits, we greatly rejoice in God's Promises 2Co 5:1,2,8,9. May Jehovah and Christ be with you all at this time of trial. You can post my comments on the tribute page for brother Jeffery Allen. By this tribute, we will have the privilege to honor a dear brother in Christ one more time in this old system of things and eternally in God's Kingdom. Rom:12:10.  Yours in Christ.


From his step-daughter Erin “Niré” Reed:
January 21, 2018


For days I've been waking up with this void, and a compelling desire to pray. Searching for the right words and actions to honor your life. 

Most people never had the chance to know and love you the way we did. You were the STRONGEST, hilarious, most loving, kindest and most faithful person I have ever known. The way you loved my mother was the way God intended for man to love a woman. With unwavering and undying support and devotion. The type of love only found in romance movies. It's because of you that I will never settle for less than the way you continued to look into her eyes year after year after year.

You were a second father to me at almost ALL of my darkest moments. You prayed with me. You prayed ceaselessly for me. You came to ALL of my track meets and cheered for me the whole race through. You educated me on how to respond to boys I liked, and showed me how to always earn their respect.

You taught me the difference between major and minor cords, helped me understand harmonies, and inspired the very first song I wrote as a teenager. You gave me the push to pursue a career in music and would always challenge mom about who was my “Number 1 Supporter.”

Whenever I was afraid or needed positive vibes, I could always text you for an extra prayer and you were always right on time. You showed me the importance of stillness, of meditation, the power of prayer, and steadfast faith in God's promises.

You loved my brother, my nephew and I as if we were your own and touched the lives and hearts of hundreds of thousands of people JUST in L.A. ALONE with your omnipresent nature, words of power and pure heart and calming spirit.

I've honestly been afraid to claim this out loud because I feel maybe if I post this, it will all of a sudden become real. There will NEVER be another human like you. I can only pray that I carry on the essence you embodied.

We weren't quite ready to let you go, so you held on and hid your pain. Now we cling to your memory the way you hold tight to a secret you don't want the world to taint. But after 5 years of fighting, above all I am happiest that you are no longer in pain and now at peace. Free to carry on your heavenly mission in your truest form.

Until we meet in heaven. #RIParadise.


From Andrew and Janet Wilson his partners and friends in this ministry:

January 22, 2018

It is with mixed emotions that we write these words.  Sadness grasps our hearts for the loss we feel for Jeffrey, our mentor, our brother, our dearest friend, yet joy overtakes it for the relief and pleasure he is now enjoying in his longed for heavenly place.

To us, his partners from Tasmania, Australia, we loved this man beyond what can be expressed in our human language. We had never stood in his presence or felt his warm embrace, which we all desired to happen, but whenever we “zoomed”, and saw his smiling face it was as if we sat right next to him. Such was his existence.

Our lives became complete and purposeful when we met Jeffrey and his wife, Zshonette.  We had left a religion which encompassed our lives, which was authoritarian and oppressive, and in fact was teaching “another sort of good news” in 2013. Only a couple of months later, in our search for truth we stumbled across, but we believe we were led by the spirit, to the site that Jeffrey and Zshonette had started for spreading the “plain and open teachings” of Jesus, and we had struck gold! 

After reading the spirit filled articles we contacted them and then began a journey of a lifetime, one that we will treasure for all eternity. We had found our soulmates on the other side of the world and we were at home.  Instantly Jeffrey lifted our faith and guided our hearts and minds to higher thinking, uplifting our souls to bring heaven alive with his unique humour, and his wonderful teaching ability. His words were from deep within his soul, emanating a love for our Father as we had never witnessed.


What stood out to us, was the continued faith in God and his glorious Son that Jeffrey and Zshonette displayed.  Despite what untruths, misguiding beliefs even tragedy this religion had put them both through, they continued their love for our heavenly Father with a zeal that we both grabbed hold of. Even through great pain he would stagger out to see us via “zoom” and later send text messages saying how wonderful it was to see our smiling faces and hear our voices, yet we were the ones who gained such treasures from this spirit filled human being. 

This journey also brought us into contact with our other loving partner, Don, who has so enriched “The Unit”.  The 5 of us strove always to bring to life the teachings of our Master Jesus clearly and honestly. Despite losing our treasured partner, Jeffrey, we will carry on to our last breath to do just so!

And now, even though we miss him, we are so glad to know that this life is just the beginning to one that “eye has not seen, and ear has not heard” of the glories that we will all behold.  Jeffrey is now on that next step of the long journey to our Father and we wish him well.  This briefest of time that has interrupted our contact with him will be reignited with love and joy when we meet again, embrace him, laugh with him and just be with this man who once walked our planet, Jeffrey Allan Potter Paul.


It has been an honor and a privilege.  

Andrew and Janet Wilson

Your partners, dearest friends and workers in the ministry.



From Don Clemetin his partner and friend in this ministry:

January 22, 2018

I discovered the AnointedJW website around the middle of 2012. At the time, I was an active elder in the Watchtower organization and serving as the Coordinator of the body of elders in a local congregation. I had by this time accepted my sonship and “anointing,” as JW’s put it, but did not confess my faith publicly by partaking of the bread and wine at the annual memorial celebration at the Kingdom Hall I was attending. I would always do it in private to prevent the ridicule that usually comes upon a new faith-son who discovers his true relationship with the Father.


It was through Jeffrey’s help that I found the courage to stand up for the Christ and make public declaration of my faith. Even during some of his most difficult and painful treatments for cancer, he would reach out to me with inspiring words of confidence that the Father’s love for me was real and genuine. He constantly reminded me of my responsibility to stand up for Jesus over and above the dictates of the Governing body, family and friends.  So many times when I expressed fear and timidity, he would open my spiritual eyes to discern that God’s spirit and a multitude of celestial family members were rooting for me with each courageous step I took. I have never met a person to whom those in the invisible realm were so very real. It was like he saw them face to face and they were all his personal friends.  He eventually helped me to establish this same faith in our unseen, but very real celestial family.

Both Jeffrey and Zshonette became my true spiritual family, which grew to five with the addition of our partners in Australia, Janet and Andy. Through his courageous example of accepting whatever difficulties life threw his way, Jeffrey demonstrated it was still possible to have true joy in the Lord, that no amount of pain and suffering could dim the light of the Father’s smiling approval. Over the past several years I have known him, he has been a strengthening support, side by side, through every tear I have wept and every smile and joyful experience I have encountered. Never in my entire life on this world have I met a human being who so greatly reflected the mind and living example of Jesus of Nazareth.  There was something very unique in his countenance that set him above the material.

From 2012 until November of this past year, we had never met face to face. But I was able to spend an entire week with him and Zshonette at their home in Southern California. It was as if we had known each other for years. He became my very best friend. I miss him terribly even knowing he is full of abundant life on some mansion world or higher. An unfillable hole has been left temporarily until I meet my dear friend upon my own re-personalization after I have run the race as he did.  His bold and courageous life inspires me to be the best I can possibly be, to keep reaching and stretching to measure up to the stature of our brother Jesus of Nazareth.

Being a partner side by side with him in the Master’s Ministry has been the most fulfilling experience of my entire life on this world. I love you deeply Jeffrey my dear brother, I will see you in due course.