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Thank you to all who visit this site. We appreciate the comments and emails from those who have chosen to have their voices heard. It is our hope that your comments will stir others to express themselves for the benefit of the entire association of faith sons of God.  


March 24, 2018 - Lafayette, Colorado


JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!  WOW!!! Lovely. The song is really special and the video really makes it heartfelt and special. Well done! sigh. Makes me want to go run to him and throw my arms around him. But then you show an angel comforting him and it makes me feel better.


March 22, 2018 - Boulder, Colorado


We are spreading the word to people/pastors in their churches to also participate in the Anniversary Celebration of the Last Supper too…although not the UB part of it. More the communion aspect of gathering with friends and family to celebrate the anniversary of the last supper together. Its what I recall you doing the first time you were on the program on Cosmic Citizen. They thought that was a great UNITY of the Brotherhood of Jesus believers Idea too,


I'm just telling people that the idea is to find a ceremony to unite all the Jesus believers - all the Churches that share the belief in the Master - to unite in "THE ONE SACRAMENT HE ASKED OF US TO DO IN REMEMBRANCE OF HIM" and it doesn't have to be a big ceremony - just to gather in small groups of friends and family after sundown to share a meal and then have a small ceremony afterwards to recall him that each time we eat and drink to do it in remembrance of him," As he said, whenever two or more are gathered in his name that he is here with us," so he is gathering with us all over the globe...uniting the Christian world.  And (for UB readers) after dinner we publicly acknowledge that his life was the life of the Father and the Son combined in one gift!" It is a way for us to collectively bring the spirit of JESUS together all around the world in this one day and unite us in his do ONE THING to unite Christianity in this time when the world needs JESUS so much! And at a time when some people feel so lost. I’m asking people to please help to spread the word to other churches, bible studies and pastors they know...each year we will add a few more and then a few more...etc.


FROM THE AUTHORS: Thank you so much for helping to make this a blessed occasion for unity among all lovers of Christ.  We are thinking about creating an online year book showing how each year the Remembrance Supper grows.  So we are asking all who participate in the Remembrance Supper this year to please write us and share your experiences for inclusion in the yearbook.  It’s just an idea, but if we get enough support, we will definitely do it.  So spread the word on the yearbook as well!  We will post an announcement, too.




January 31, 2018 - Tennessee

Just a note to thank you for all you do.  Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I wanted to reach out to you as I have not done so in a while. I 'believe' in your ministry so much. I try to lead others to your website as I think when once discovered by many, it will be a very popular 'go to site' in the Urantia Book Community. I have shared a YouTube video of your discussion at the UBLA meeting on November 17, 2017. It is very helpful to many who have not found an avenue or formula for sharing the Gospel of Jesus as related in the Urantia Book to other believers. You are right...The Christian Church is one of the 'cocoons' within which the newly regenerated Spirit of Jesus and his Gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man can be rejuvenated and regenerated in the hearts, minds and souls of His Children once again. This time it will be under the banner of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. It might take a while to take hold... in the end, all will be well! 

I've watched the wonderful video (in the yellow box) on the home page of your website several times and I am so impressed with the message it so brilliantly brings in such an appealing and trusting way. It truly is a wonderful, compelling and appealing outreach to Christians and so many 'lukewarm' believers and seekers. It 'lifts Jesus up' in a way that touches the very center of the soul. I continue to pray for your ministry. I sense your voices are among the many 'resounding' voices who are making a very real difference in bringing the advanced and augmented Teachings of Jesus as imparted in the Urantia Book to the forefront in America and around the world. You are planting seeds in ways that assure their germination and blossoming.


May God Bless everyone of you in this wonderful ministry and bless your incomparable efforts for the Good of the Gospel of Jesus/Michael and our Father in Heaven. Be well! I will be back in touch with you again soon. 


December 5, 2017 - Reno, Nevada


Handling your business! Greetings dear friends, it's been awhile but I just had to share the outstanding things of the spirit that have been taking place here in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada, among the faith sons of God. Something seems to have occurred like another ‘tongues of fire moment’ at Pentecost where everyone just felt energized in the spirit. I could use a dose of that feeling everyday! So many people love what the message of the Urantia Book has, especially the things related to Jesus, that opens up conversations that go well into the night. It's that quickening of the spirit that's what's happening, I believe, because [other brothers] are all telling me the same feelings along with the same growth is occurring in their cities. We all love the PUI, we all love seeing the faces of people viewing it for the first time. Watching God’s Spirit do it's work is really beautiful. We pray for you all daily and we hope each of you will keep us in your prayers as well. God be with you!




November 17, 2017 - Santa Cruz, California


Preaching the Happy News! Good Evening dear friends, I know it's been a while but I have, or better still we have, nothing but wonderful news to share. We've been conducting our ministry using the tools you've provided whether by articles or PUI videos. But some of the most tried and truly beneficial way to reach the spirit of our neighbors is by using the fruits of the spirit, mentioning how each one exemplifies a quality that Jesus was the Master at using them. Like the new beatitudes saying "Happy is the man who exercises FAITH for he can move mountains and believes in the things that are everlasting." And "Happy is the disciple who finds constant JOY in meditating on the real life to come." And you make up something for each of the nine fruits and the wonderful part about it is you can make up new ones over and over again. This method has tripled the number of fellow believers and it really has been a favorite of the teenagers because it challenges their wits to come up with new and more clever ones. So you see now why I called it the Happy News! All of the friends send their love and greetings and pray for the continued improvement in the health of any and all who despite fighting sicknesses keep on sharing the Happy News of the Kingdom. So until we reach back out to you, keep serving up the tasty spiritual meals that stimulate growth of the everlasting soul.



October 24, 2017 - Los Angeles, California


The power of the 5th Revelation! Good Evening Friends, The power of knowing truth instead of speculating has changed so many Jehovah Witnesses’ minds in the way they think about things. It is truly nothing short of a miracle. I convinced a handful of pioneers to hear me out before they run and tell the overseers about the book, so I said, look at this one video through to its end. It was the PUI on religions as Jesus and Ganid researched information about the various religions, taking notes of all the positive points that can unite people. And presto! The spirit moved each of them so much that they stayed for two more videos that took at least 45 minutes to an hour each. And brothers, I felt like Jesus when he told the man he healed from blindness not to tell anyone. But I said it to them anyway because they were stunned at how they felt watching the videos, like being in a trance but not really. One brother said this seemed so real, I mean authentic. So I suggested to let this experience settle in your minds before you decide one way or another to report your findings or to come back for more. So pray for a positive outcome, brothers, because the ministry could experience a real explosive move forward if these pioneers grab hold of the Revelation. So I know it's late but my spirit feels so blessed by God right now, me and my wife just had to share this good news. I pray all of you friends are doing well and moving toward your goals of reaching souls or should I say "those rightly disposed for heavenly life."  So may the Father of us All continue to bless everyone who’s involved in spreading the Kingdom news!!



September 6, 2017 - Texas


Friendly update from “a myriad of brothers and sisters.”  Hello dear family, we have been truly busy in ministry but I wanted to just thank you for the latest article on Mediocrity.  It was so on time and gave us the encouragement we all seem to have needed because we know that there is so much more all of us can do if we just stop settling and work to be supermortals as our Father see us as. We've spent so much time down in southern Texas helping folks with whatever we can do and give due to the storm, so we caravan ourselves in every vehicle we could find. There had to be about 430 brothers and sisters who went down there as The Christ Experiment Church of God in Us and represented in a mighty way the truth of the indwelling spirit in us working to draw us all closer. We pray for our brother still going through tribulation of the flesh and we pray for all our family everywhere as Irma gets ready to smash into Florida in the Miami area this weekend. So we offer our prayers in their behalf. So please keep us in your thoughts as we do you. With love and faith, let's keep fighting for souls. Love you all!


FROM THE AUTHORS: It is so good to hear from you all.  Our brother has had more setbacks but is enduring with joy, especially after receiving your email.  The Christ Experiment Church of God IN US!  We love it!  That’s making the truth your own!  Keep up the good works, and we add our prayers to yours for those effected by Harvey and Irma, as well as those who are courageously reaching out to help their brothers in need. 




June 19, 2017 - Germany


Hello my good friends. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken with you.  We just wanted you to know that everyone is fine and really excelling in the ministry of Michael. We enjoy all of the videos and the new podcasts, especially the last couple. We have played these over and over again. Our families are also doing well and many of the neighbors, if they are not believers, they are well on their way.  No more destruction of property has happened in a while.  We pray that your health is steadily getting better and we say, which we know you will do, hang in there. We also want to let you friends know that there has been over 75 newly baptised ones in Germany who are now full time Urantia Book readers. And many of them are, as they call themselves, millenials, and so they give us hope for the future.  


Keep doing all of the videos on the teachings of Jesus. Those are the quickest way we have found to reach people. It’s better and clearer even though its in the book, it’s clearer than us speaking to people and or preaching to them. So keep those coming please. Tell all of the different ones in all the groups to come together and don’t let anyone stand in our way of coming together and doing the Father’s will. We love you all and we look forward to one day seeing you again when we come back to America which we plan on doing sometime around the beginning of the year for a medical conference.


We’ve been able to help so many through the experiences we had in our times in the hospital and assisting you in your medical condition at the time. People found it very uplifting.  It would be nice if we could do better than any churches and show the world how Jesus would want his brothers and his children to behave. So with love from both India and Germany. We will try to keep in contact, but the phone service has been so shoddy. We love you all and may God’s spirit be upon each of you and continue to pray for us because there are a lot of folks from other faiths that still aren’t too happy with us. 



June 16, 2017 - Arlington, Texas


LOVE!  Hey Y'all! Hope everyone is basking in the spirit of Christ and that everyone is improving in health and in life. We've been up and down health wise but Spiritually we are glowing and growing, I'm not sure as far as exact numbers but every other day someone new wants a piece of the 5th Revelation pie, and we could not be happier for it. So yes LOVE is the word for today. Everyone has so enjoyed the new features –  the Podcasts and Videos because they are so informative and gives us all such great conversations that have been really up building, so God Bless you friends and we will always keep you friends in our prayers and do the same for us. And you know what else?  That's right. WE LOVE YOU ALL!



June 16, 2017 - Long Beach, California


Good afternoon dear friends, well it's been awhile since I last communicated with you faith Sons but let me tell you all that my wife and I keep up with everything you do and we personally look forward to the July 2 PUI start which we believe will bring us all closer together in purpose and in understanding. I wanted to let you know how important the podcasts have been for not only us but also they are great teaching tools for those just learning about the 5th Revelation because you explain where religion has been both friend and foe to the spread of Jesus Christ’s true message and where it needs to go in the future, that future being right now. So it gives a great lead into the PUI so I will read the information with a view towards the Ministry, so thank you for the timely instructions. Please keep those podcasts coming and we send our love to the entire Association of the Spiritual Brotherhood, and may Our Glorious Heavenly Father bless the hands, hearts and feet of all those engaged in the Ministry of Michael.




June 16, 2017 - Midland, Texas


What a wonderful podcast! Thank you so much, it has inspired me to become a Christ Experiment "worker bee". I'm going to go out into the community and attend different churches and start a group called the worker bees to offer assistance to the elderly ones in whatever way they need, a little cleaning, grocery shopping, if they don't have family members available. There is a large population here I've seen delivering meals on wheels, and I know these ones could use some brotherly love in action. So this is where I'll start. Thank you for the motivation! Always in affection,



June 16, 2017 


Congrats on Podcast 5. You are performing a marvelous work and a wonder. Keep up the good work.  With much appreciation.



June 5, 2017


I am so glad to be on your email list! And I love the PUI! Am writing to ask your permission to post this on my Facebook page to share this opportunity with like minded others.  Please let me know what you think. Thank You.


FROM THE AUTHORS: Absolutely!  We want as many people as possible to know about the PUI.  Thank you so much for your support!


June 5, 2017


Hearty Support [for the Planet-wide Unity Initiative]! May Urantia Book students and practitioners everywhere join the initiative for the good of all.


March 11, 2017 - Sweden


There are thousands of things I would like to discuss. But there is simply no time. But in spirit you probably know what I mean! Oh, I forgot:  Many, many thousands are now aware of the fifth epochal revelation and your websites by your work hailing the teachings of Jesus (Michael) and his celestial Brothers. It has had a profound impact throughout, at least in some, Swedish Internet communities.


February 19, 2017 - Reno, Nevada


Still growing!  Hello dear friends, we are as busy as ever in preaching of the good news of the Kingdom, doing it the right way with the right message. For those who might not know, "the right way" is doing what you do solely for God's glory and not man. So that being said dear friends, we are indeed growing not only in numbers but also and more importantly we're growing in understanding. This understanding allows us to have better and more lively conversations that really stir the spirit and soul. [Another brother and his mother] always sends their love knowing that you friends are so busy, so we keep all of you in our prayers. So with love and faith, we stand united as one spiritual brotherhood. Fight brothers and sisters for every lost or confused child of God. Bless you all!



February 7, 2017 - New York, New York


Love it! Hello wonderful brothers and sisters, We are overjoyed to be united in purpose with you hard working lovers of God and devoted co-workers alongside the Master Son himself (and to all witnesses of Jehovah, that would be JESUS CHRIST I'm referring too). Friends it must be the Father’s will that at this time in history we learn, accept and love this 5th Revelation because like you we thought many would head for the hills when we mentioned something other than the Bible as having truth in it, but to our utter surprise it's been an acceptance beyond belief. Some say that since they’ve gone around and around with the same teachings for so long, the very idea of learning something new has blown the minds of the spiritual brotherhood. We have for our group of 138, with 3 shepherds and 4 under shepherds to assist in the study group and field service arrangements. Oh yes dear friends, we kept the baby we just got rid of the bath water! Lol! So we thank God for our training because it has helped us to do what Jesus really wanted us to do with his teachings. So keep the beautiful Memorial articles coming and we will move as fast as possible to remain in harmony with the spirit of truth’s directions. We love you and we're praying for you all and please stay away from all the foolishness, I'm sure you get my meaning. Bye for now.



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