03/11/2017 - What do you know about the origin of the Unity Document?


On March 11, 2017, we received this inquiry:

“Dear Webmasters, I've a question for you about the Treatise from the Midwayers that's been circulating the UB communities in the last few months. Officially titled "Solving the Disunity of the Urantia Revelation, etc.", it has a composition date of 8/21/2016, and has been principally circulated by Nick Salzo. I've been reading the UB for 26 years, having grown up with UB parents, so I'm very familiar with UB history and the origin of the papers. I learned of the Treatise through UB Facebook groups, and then read the document myself. It has a significant number of excellent points, however I am extremely dubious of its origin as originating from the Midwayers. The reason for this is the chance of fraud is astronomically high. I am open to communication from our celestial cousins, but I am cautious as well, since so much other material has been released that "claims" to come from celestial communication. In every case, my approach is trust but verify. Other material I've read is clearly bogus, but this was of sufficient quality that it warrants a deeper investigation. By discussing with UB Facebook groups, I learned that this document originally appeared on your website, and that you first received it as an email. My question for you is: Is this accurate? And if so, what do you know about where these emails came from and who sent them? Thank you very much.”



     To the author, thank you for your email.  We are happy to respond to your inquiries, but first there are some things we need to clear up. 

     First, the subject document does not appear to be from Midwayers. It says it is from the “Conciliating Commission Sojourning on Urantia, Using the Jurisdictional Plan of the Revelatory Commission.”  Second, the document was not originally posted on our website.  We were forwarded a copy in late December 2016, and because we believe the suggested solution is a good one, we posted it hoping it would stimulate conversation.  Our site may have been the first to post it, but it did not originate from us. Prior to being forwarded to us, it had been circulating in emails in the UB community for months. And third, we received the document as an email attachment, but it was an email originally from Nick Scalzo, not an email from Midwayers or from the Commission.

    Now, to your questions.  You asked: Is this accurate?  It is our belief that the document was not written by the Commission, but was inspired by them.  And we can tell you that the solution is in harmony with everything we know about the UB and our celestial family.  As for the history in the document, we have read a little about the origin of the movement and the breakdown in the organizations, but we do not know if the historical facts as presented in the document are 100% accurate, though we assume they are basically correct given that we believe it was inspired by our celestial family.


    And you asked:  And if so, what do you know about where these emails came from and who sent them?  We do not know where the document came from beyond the fact that we received it from a gentleman who received it from Nick Scalzo.  The human contributor(s) to the document apparently remain anonymous.

    Like you, we believe the document has the ring of truth. Thus, we hope those who are in decision making positions in the UB organizations will take the solution to heart. Even if they cannot believe that it was inspired by celestials, the solution is sound, workable, and will be effective if applied.

“Elaia Luchnia”


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