03/22/2017 - Why Did You Change the Banner of Michael?


On March 22, 2017, we received this inquiry:

“UB text: . . “the banner of Michael, the material emblem of the Trinity government of all creation, the three azure blue concentric circles on a white background." Your banner is not correct. Your banner is 2 white concentric circles on a blue background Why this change ? turning the information kind of upside down?”


     To the author, thank you for your email.  We think you are not looking at the emblem correctly.  Take another look:


      As you can see, the emblem is definitely ‘three azure blue concentric circles on a white background.” It may look like two white circles to you because you are used to seeing the emblem of the Urantia Foundation depicted like this:


     While this emblem can be described as three concentric circles, it can also be described as three concentric rings; whereas the emblem we use is definitely three concentric circles and, thus, consistent with the description you quote. And since it is representative of the corporative “Trinity Government,” we perceive that the circles would not be separated, but would be incorporated into each other, and that the center circle would be solid. We also place the emblem on a white flag, not just a white background, because it is described as a banner, or flag, used as a standard to identify those on the side of Michael in the Lucifer rebellion. (UB 53:5.4) Since we are unquestionably on the side of Michael, we wanted to design an emblem consistent with our best efforts to depict the emblem described in The Urantia Book.

     But do not be too alarmed at our decision to design an emblem. You may have noticed that other Urantia Book ministries have their own variations of the concentric circles, since at one time the Urantia Foundation forbid other ministries from using their rendition of the three concentric circles shown above.  That may have changed, but we are not sure, and so rather than offend the Urantia Foundation, or violate their trademark, we closely examined the description in The Urantia Book and decided to design our own.

     After all is said and done, we doubt whether either emblem is an exact representation of the actual banner of Michael. Both are only our mortal interpretations and representative of our best efforts. Neither is absolutely wrong and neither is absolutely right, so there is no room for condemnation.

     And although we registered our emblem, we license all ministries that are on the side of Michael to use the emblem in their ministries if they choose.  All we ask is that you let us know so that we can keep in touch and hopefully work together.

Your Brothers in the Master’s Ministry

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