Question: Do You Also Encourage a United Celebration of Easter?

     On April 10, 2017, we received this inquiry:

“Thank you for initiating a united Remembrance Supper. Our family participated. But we are wondering if you also be encouraging a united Easter celebration? This is also something we do each year.”


     To the author, thank you for your email, we are happy to respond.

    As you may know, this ministry is about reintroducing the authentic, actual teachings of Jesus. The Remembrance Supper is the only religious sacrament or observance that Jesus ever instituted to commemorate his life work on earth. Therefore, it is an event that we observe and promote.  On the other hand, Easter is a tradition to celebrate the risen Christ that was instituted, not by Jesus, but by ‘church fathers.’ For this reason, it is not something that we promote in this ministry.

    However, we do not discourage others from celebrating it. The Urantia Book explains, in Paper 194, that the good news of the risen Christ was a divergence from the true good news of the Fatherhood of God and the Sonship/Brotherhood of man. Yet, it recognizes that this divergence “carried along with it many of the fundamental truths and teachings” of the true good news, and that sooner or later, the true good news concealed in the divergent message “will emerge to effectually transform the civilization of all mankind.” (UB 194:2.8) It further states that “these mistakes of the intellect in no way interfere with the believer’s great progress in growth in spirit.” (UB 194:2.9)

    Accordingly, we cannot denounce or discourage that which paves the way for spiritual growth and transformation.  But we do hope that all those who know the true good news and who choose to celebrate Easter will acknowledge the superiority of the Remembrance Supper, in meaning and in importance, over and above Easter and all other religious observances, and as the one and only commemoration specifically instituted and commanded by our Sovereign.

Your Brothers in the Master’s Ministry

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