01/08/2017 - What Should We Be Doing In Response To The Unity Document?


     On January 8, 2017, we received an email asking what we should be doing in response to the unity document during the 8 months that are given for the 3 major UB organizations to comply? For the sake of privacy, we omit the actual email, but we share our response here.




     To the author, thank you for your question. We admire your zeal and your readiness to obey celestial direction.


     We want to first emphasize that we are not the source of the document, nor do we know the source. We published this on our site because, whether it is of celestial origin or not, the proposed solution seems to be a good one. We firmly believe that the leading organizations in the UB community should be united, not just cooperative, and they should be more aggressive in training teachers and promoting the Fifth Epochal Revelation.


     As we see it, the proposed solution is in harmony with Jesus’ command that his followers continue the work he began of training ministers and sharing the ‘saving truth.’ (UB 150:4.2, 178:3.2) It is in harmony with Jesus’ words that his true disciples would have love among themselves, the type of love that he has for them. (UB 180:1) And it is in harmony with Jesus’ teaching of the vine and the branches which says that any branch that does not produce sufficient fruit will be pruned or removed. (UB 180:2)


     Having said that, we must tell you that while we do not know the source of the document, we are rather certain it was not written by celestials. We believe a human wrote it, but that he or she was directly inspired by our celestial family, perhaps by an intense and vivid night vision or dream.  Humans often come up with great ideas on their own, and, depending on their sincerity and the importance of the subject matter, our celestial family will enhance those ideas or offer more information so that it will accomplish a divine purpose. That is what we believe happened here.  But as with all things that have been touched by humans, some things may have been added or taken away.


     For this reason, we are not certain that August 21, 2017, is a divinely imposed deadline. Actually, we thought it was odd that our celestial family would select a date that has relatively little significance to the universe.  Neither Jesus nor the UB set his birth date aside as something special. The only date Jesus asks us to remember is the Remembrance Supper which occurred on April 6, A.D. 30. It is mortals who have chosen to revere his date of birth instead. But whether it is a divinely imposed deadline or not, mercy would indicate that if there is a deadline, it would not occur before the stated date. And if the document had been directed to us, we can tell you that we would not hesitate to act quickly before the stated deadline.  Just in case.


     We hope this information will help you in deciding how you will proceed.  Our suggestion to you is that you do what you know to be right, and just, and true.  Pay more than the usual attention to Part IV of the UB and learn what Jesus wants us to do, and do that. If you are able, you are free to carry out the mandates spoken of in the document, but you must remember that they were not mandates imposed on you or us. If such mandates exist, they were imposed on the primary UB organizations, so it is their responsibility to comply or not. We, as individuals, and individual ministries, are not obligated in that way. If all readers were obligated, those mandates would be contained in the text of the UB. They are not.


     It is our sincere hope and prayer that the UB organizations referred to in the document will choose to do things Jesus’ way by forgiving one another, letting love cover the multitude of sin, and then uniting as one body in service of the Revelation. But whatever they do, their action or inaction will not prevent you or us, or any other ministry, from doing our very best to teach the ‘saving truth’ and train others to work alongside us.


     May the Father bless your good faith efforts to do just so.

“Elaia Luchnia”


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